A Haibun – Japenese form that includes a prose poem and a Haiku. Time stood still as You walked into the water spangled mist Memories washed over me The sound of your voice Your smile that special look Drowned by the sound of roaring water Pain intensified Overhead swooping bird  Steals happiness drops sadness MemoriesContinue reading “Memories”

My home

Inside my bag are packed the things that fill my heart with joy the faded, threadbare shawl that whispers  a tinplate soldier toy. Inside my bag wrapped well in cloth  a tiny mirror fragment immortalised inside that glass the ghosts of those I love Some memories are intransigent Inside my bag stowed very safe twoContinue reading “My home”

Communicating Emotions

When a smile lights  up a face, Warms the soul, leaves a trace, Joy and happiness fit the bill. Halt Sometimes misery adds a chill, Frown and glower sets the face, For despair we have to brace. Re group Try to find the bud of hope, Nurture it expand its scope, Don’t rail about theContinue reading “Communicating Emotions”

Lifes bitter sweet song

I thought you were  my forever love, I pined  when you were gone, I pictured  your every move, Not to think about you  seemed so wrong, But now, you  are a faded memory, I struggle  to see your face, I have learnt  from  times legacy, I am  now full of grace, I have found anotherContinue reading “Lifes bitter sweet song”

The little Things

It’s the little things that spark the memories The simple things that warm the heart Reminders of you in life’s accessories Like a summer day and a walk in the park It’s the little things that spark the memories The complex things that chill the heart Reminders of problems in life’s accessories Like a thunderstormContinue reading “The little Things”


Is it unreasonable, to hope that you will remember The day that is special for me Is it unreasonable, to hope you will remember The date, when there is a marker event in your life Eleven days before, and each year we discuss the coincidence Hopes dashed yet again Is it reasonable to conclude, thatContinue reading “Unreasonable”

Diverting my love

I got carried away by our interaction, Thought it was a source of mutual attraction, I got carried away by your seeming caring, Those whispered words and the texts endearing, I imagined ,we shared something special at times, I am sure we did, fleetingly, or maybe I am blind, I knew you had  others, ThenContinue reading “Diverting my love”

Live tomorrow with pride

Hold the joy of the moment Keep it safe within Whatever happens tomorrow Don’t let the demons in When things pan out in abundance Remember, that moment of bliss It’s yours to keep, to treasure, to learn Like when, you  stepped off the cliff If your dreams don’t pan out and things go askew Regroup,Continue reading “Live tomorrow with pride”

Events from the past

Frozen in time, behind windows of glass, In the museum of the mind Events from the past, in crystal clear clarity The memories are stored, allowing recall first class. But how clean are those windows? From the thoughts we revive, When we dredge deep in the recesses, for treasures or lines, Have some of theContinue reading “Events from the past”

Mystic schemes

​Mystic schemes Precious dreams You are there Buyer beware Syntillating thoughts  But a row of noughts Wishful thinking Hopes long sinking You are chasing the new Leaving me to rue Mystic schemes Precious dreams Maybe really nightmare screams Smash them all to smithereens Find a way to recreate Precious dreams not parlous state.