Letter to my ex.

Dear one time lover,

What ifs, past regrets

Peevish feelings, let’s forget,

If today l am feeling blue,

Why wish you, miserable too,

(Although in my heart. Maybe I do!)


When you left, without regret,

With no thought for my distress,

Taking of course the easy way,

You found more, compliant prey

(I expect, you think this is just repay!)


What ifs, won’t change the present,

Just cause sadness, make life unpleasant,

So my one time man, we were not meant to be,

I will find something better, just wait and see.

(I have cleared out life’s debris.)


I have moved on, my life’s back on track,

What ifs, past regrets are, off my back,

If getting revenge was my aim,

Finding love and happiness- the victory claim.

(In my heart I am over you.)


What ifs, past regrets

Happy feelings, let’s not forget,

Today no longer feeling blue,

Having a good life in spite of you.


Yours out of love.

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