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Letter to my ex.

Dear one time lover,

What ifs, past regrets

Peevish feelings, let’s forget,

If today l am feeling blue,

Why wish you, miserable too,

(Although in my heart. Maybe I do!)


When you left, without regret,

With no thought for my distress,

Taking of course the easy way,

You found more, compliant prey

(I expect, you think this is just repay!)


What ifs, won’t change the present,

Just cause sadness, make life unpleasant,

So my one time man, we were not meant to be,

I will find something better, just wait and see.

(I have cleared out life’s debris.)


I have moved on, my life’s back on track,

What ifs, past regrets are, off my back,

If getting revenge was my aim,

Finding love and happiness- the victory claim.

(In my heart I am over you.)


What ifs, past regrets

Happy feelings, let’s not forget,

Today no longer feeling blue,

Having a good life in spite of you.


Yours out of love.

Gossamer wings

You brushed my life, with gossamer wings

Held captivated by your promises of things
Then you flew away, leaving an indelible mark
A gap, a need, a place that felt so dark
Changing my soul forever, all for naught
But the life cycles of butterflies are short
From this memory springs
Love,Yearning,Sadness, Learning and Strength

Diverting my love

I got carried away by our interaction,

Thought it was a source of mutual attraction,

I got carried away by your seeming caring,

Those whispered words and the texts endearing,

I imagined ,we shared something special at times,

I am sure we did, fleetingly, or maybe I am blind,

I knew you had  others,

Then there were your brothers,

Our time together, seemed  intense,

In this universe, it felt immense,

I realised, I had been carried away,

The day you forgot my words, of yesterday,

As one of the crowd, I am just a fleeting fling,

It won’t be me, when cupid, releases the arrow from the sling,

It pains me to release these silken chords,

But our relationship, will never win any awards,

I got carried away and am getting hurt,

I am setting us free, my love to divert.

Much greener grass

​Why do I cling on to things that have gone

If I sang it again would the refrain still be wrong

Would my idealised memories really come true

Or would it be just the same and a future I would rue

I need to live in today traipse a new path

Reality has much, much greener grass 

Friends with benefits

​Was it a phase 

Can we repage

Friends with benefits

Suited us both

Now friendship without predudice

Will transition be smooth

We gifted each other the most intimate act

Holding back on full bonding an inextricable fact

Having walled back emotions

Will friendship really work

Or cause commotions

Too much of a quirk

Should we have gone down the Tinder route

Just rushed in snatched the fruit

No, friends with benefits

Worked with eloquence 

It met a need

Should we concede

Time to cut the cord

Not try to horde

A relationship thats now overboard

Picture of you

I found a picture of you
Made me think, made me blue
It’s always hard when love moves on
Thought I was over you, not mourning what has gone

I found a picture of you
Made me think, remember true
All the funny times we used to share
All the lovely moments in my memory, things to treasure not despair

I found a picture of you
Made me think, a life review
The good, the bad, the joy the hurt
You taught me much, of life and leaving but I learnt

I found a picture of you
Made me think, I started a new
Lessons learned, from our love affair
Maybe I will repeat mistakes, as I nature new love rare

I found a picture of you
Made me think, pastures new.

Reprise to recovering from a breakup

Reprise to recovering from a breakup

What ifs, past regrets
Peevish feelings, let’s forget
If today l am feeling blue
Why wish you miserable too
When you left, without regret
Need to move on learn, forget
Hurt and disappointment are part of life
Finding happiness, now, reduces strife
Moving forward finding the path
Past regrets, let’s try to laugh
What ifs, won’t change the present
Just cause wishes, sadness, be unpleasant
We were not meant to be
Find something better, better wait and see
If paying you back is my aim
Finding True love and happiness the victory claim
Wow find I am happier without you!

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