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Living Life

I love to escape, into my mind

My sanctuary, to visions of all kind

So surreal these can be

Come share  and you might see.

Something has set me free

My joy in life maybe the key

Using the past, learning for the future

Each a story line making a booster

New skills  to learn  new paths to create

Understanding beliefs that formulate

Before me paths spread to tease

Which way does my journey lead?

Looking at the world anew

Counting blessings many not few

I view the options try the paths

Grab hold of life with pizazz.

Cyber Dilemmas

Cyber Dilemmas by Eve

Starting off, with tempting situations 
Giving and recieving sexy invitations 
Stirs the hormones, wakes the senses 
But its fantasy, there are fences 

Enjoyable banter every day
Adds a thrill, temptation to stray
Keep it friends, or take it further
Miles apart, objective observer
Touch my mind, move within 
Share our lives, like breeze on skin  
Deciding the straight, or crooked path  
Has to be the latter, try to laugh 

Searching, looking for something new
My whole being, divided in two
Emotional and physical needs kept apart 
Hard sometimes, wrenches the heart

But its fantasy, there are fences 
Need to guard, those defences
Emotional and physical needs kept apart 
In order, not to break the heart  

Dilemma, Temptation, Common Sense
Which will win?
Jump the fence?

Text Snippets from Crozzle Day 2. Cooking tips!!!

Chat with Rick and Eve whilst playing Word Crozzle.
Eve:How was your army reunion, did you do some lamp swinging?
Rick: Had a great social day…but kept it fairly tidy…good rugby result for Auz… but not for England, …pity
Eve: Good thought it would be great to meet all your buddies.No England messed it up big time… thats life…glad Auz did well…just going to cook the i(e)gg and bacon and tomato!
Rick: LoL enjoy… no luck for me..had cereal.
Eve: Oh well…boiled iggs for you I expect!…lol ..just read that, oh no not even boiled iggs and its the weekend.
Rick:1 hate it when the shell breaks into a thousand pieces to peel off.and the sheath stays on the white. Don’t know if those are under boiled or over
Eve: There are lots of theories …one is the fresher the egg the harder to peel. … and I think both alledgedly can cause eggs hard to peel… all the ideas are too faffy for me…lots of peeps say get out of fridge cover the egg to an inch above, with cold water and bring to the boil  …then turn off heat and allow the egg to cook in the boiled water..large egg 2 mins soft.. 10 for hard….I do that if J wants boiled egg and toast cause he likes soft…yuck! but if I want hard I just boil for 5 lol.
Something I read said, for perfect peelers crack the base enough to pierce the shell but not the membrane…hah thought likely to mess it up so never tried it! Imao Can just see the eggy!.
Now have well and truly got the giggles,  an unusual discussion……thats just the sort of  conversation u had yesterday at your reunion (not). Picturing you discussing culinary extravaganza  I suspect.the perfect boiled igg was not on the agenda!xx
Rick: Hahaha…A little different to the chats yesterday, ..but thanks…now I know.xx

Text snippets from Word Crozzle Conversations

Text snippets.
Chat with Ruth ….August
Ruth: Night night Rick x
Rick: Goodnight Ruth….sleep well….think of me cuddling you….spooning you from behind….feel the hardening against your butt cheeks…..xoxo
Ruth: Good morning my sexy man, I woke in the early hours of this morning and read your text (above)……phew, took me ages to get back to sleep……
Rick: Hi Ruth….sorry to disturb your night….but glad you reacted to that…hope you were able to climax… I did soon after texting that….xoxo
Ruth:I did it was was very intense. Made all the more risque by thinking of you whilst  laying next to my sleeping partner xxx
Rick: Oh wow…that’s beautiful….I love the thought of your clandestine masturbation….secretly rubbing your clit…and then trying to control your breathing and body jerks as the contractions begin….gorgeous.

Far away bond


My fingers reach out into empty space
Eyes fixed on another place searching for the clue
To coordinate to be in a place
Where we can share our excitement too
A space where you might be
To expand the me to become two in that moment
So I can share your joy and see it reflected back in me
Of this far away interaction I am a proponent
Fate and faith come into play
As I join you on the screen and as a voyeur watch
Held by excitement bound to stay
Listening, building, feeling insecurities swatch

Ebb and flow of far away relationships


The tides of feeling ebb and flow

Fantasy, reality side by side grow

I shut my eyes and all I see
Is your smiling face looking down on me
It makes me want to run and find
Love and succour of another kind
But you are oh, so far away
A fantasy at the end of the day

I want to reach and touch your hand

In my mind I almost can, in this world, fantasy land
You fill my soul with song and light

Add a dimension that meshes just right

We share some parts of our lives

Though a full account will never arrive

I read your words and scour the lines
For meanings that are left behind

But you are oh so far away
Just a dream at the end of the day
This sharing brings some emotional pain
But equally an amount of gain

I accept the limitations of this world

It adds dimension sails unfurled

I close my eyes and all I see
Is a fantasy fading away from me


A permanent smile on my face
When we meet touch base
Our interactions somewhere in space
My mind’s touch to trace
Your image ingrained
Deep in the terrain
Of the recesses of my brain
Your conversation and charm never constrained
When I think of you
I try and decide
Which way will our friendship go
Much better this I know
Just to let it flow
Keeping the goal in sight
Let what is meant to be
Naturally unfold for us to see