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Two Share

Two lives touch, Two lives Converge
Two hearts beat, Two  minds merge
Two worlds together,Two stand alone 
Two agendas, Two swoon
Two phones, same mind
Two halves, pleasure, both might find
Two wet, Two cream
Two share, transient dream
Peace relief pleasure time
Two remember it’s a fantasy rhyme.

Text snippets from Word Crozzle Conversations

Text snippets.
Chat with Ruth ….August
Ruth: Night night Rick x
Rick: Goodnight Ruth….sleep well….think of me cuddling you….spooning you from behind….feel the hardening against your butt cheeks…..xoxo
Ruth: Good morning my sexy man, I woke in the early hours of this morning and read your text (above)……phew, took me ages to get back to sleep……
Rick: Hi Ruth….sorry to disturb your night….but glad you reacted to that…hope you were able to climax…..as I did soon after texting that….xoxo
Ruth:I did it was was very intense. Made all the more risque by thinking of you whilst  laying next to my sleeping partner xxx
Rick: Oh wow…that’s beautiful….I love the thought of your clandestine masturbation….secretly rubbing your clit…and then trying to control your breathing and body jerks as the contractions begin….gorgeous.

Introduction Converging Lives the Novel

Friendship#Sex#Intrigue# Strangers meet on line#Jigsaw of interactions#Lust#Jealousy

The novel Converging Lives involves the interactions between several main characters playing a word game on line, this game called Word Crozzle is a game played on a board, each takes a turn to play, sometimes people are on line at the same time and play a quick game but because players may be in different countries and different time zones they often play their round, in isolation from their game partners. There is a facility to play with friends or to start a random game with a player chosen by the computer. Thus people are playing multiple games at one time with different people.

There is a facility on the board to chat and many people converse, get to know each other share interests, parts of their lives and become acquaintances, friends or sometimes fall in love. People playing Crozzle may just want to play and not talk with their opponent. Some interactions can be of sexual nature, people looking for a safe way to flirt, have an affair or find the emotional or sexual intimacy missing in their lives. Often this route leads to infatuation and emotions run out of control. Then all the multitude of human emotions come into play lust, infatuation, greed, jealousy, deception as well caring, honesty, honour love and real friendship.

The characters whilst on the board or in other forms of internet communication communicate mainly by text to each other but as the book progresses also have real life conversations. To differentiate text speak from normal speech for the reader TEXT is always denoted ‘…….’ SPEECH by “……..” marks.The main characters live in various parts of the world including Perth Australia, London England, Stockholm Sweden, and Aberdeen Scotland.
Time zones are obviously an issue with Perth Australia being 8 hours ahead of London during British Summer time.

This is a work of fiction put together after research into on line relationships, and discussions with people about their actual stories. I am grateful to those people who have shared their stories and sparked the ideas for this book. So many stories, so many ideas I could only take a few of those ideas and develop them into this novel.

On line relationships are now taking up, a chunk of many people’s lives and so the stories the interactions and the pit falls are becoming more relevant in today’s society. On every form of social media there is a chance to interact with strangers, it brings the world closer brings rewarding new friendships but also the chance to interact with predators, users and sexual stalkers.
Meet some of the players interacting online, share their stories, learn from their mistakes, review your on line behaviour be aware of the need of boundaries.