Meeting needs in a relationship. Whose responsibility?

Do you think it’s  the responsibility of your significant other to meet your needs?

If so which?

Physical,psychological,social, sexual,actualisation, financial.

Who met those needs before you were a couple?

If you split up with your partner and they meet all your needs, you are adrift rudderless in the pit of despair.

Why does it become the partner’s responsibility, and should it?

Through life, we should take responsible for meeting our own needs,  to abdicate that responsibility can potentially make us needy, or in extreme circumstances make us open to abuse. Also  bitter and unhappy if we see our perceived needs not being met.

Our partners may want to share in meeting our needs as we do theirs and that becomes part of a fulfilled happy evolving relationship.

But expectation that our needs should be met by our partner and they should be so in tune with us, that they know, exactly  what needs to meet, when, are doomed to cause us disappointment.

Another nail in keeping your relationship alive and dynamic.

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