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Love songs and poems

Listening to the love songs

reading the poetry books

love should be out there

 can’t be overlooked

take my breath away

love at first sight

these are the prizes

if the authors are right

looked around the corners

 under the seats

in my life, that sort of love

seems to have me beat

take a deep breath, what do I smell

old socks , damp washing on the line

where are the  roses or jasmine 

romantic and fine

I think I have

had the sparks and the flashes

but not the full thunderstorm

or arel those songs and poems

so far from the norm

Is companionship and friendship

a more sustainable refrain

am I searching for unicorns

pots of gold, bubbles in champagne

I want to taste the sweetness 

of honey on my tongue

yes still I am searching

for a cliched romantic world of my own

Then I look up as a shadow drains the light

you walk into the house smiling

perhaps my shining knight

am I wasting my life on improbable profiling

Is my love with me

but my mind doesn’t see?

I am confused, who can help me?

Find inner calm?

​Rejection always a bitter gall

Dejection written through inner walls

Emotions built up through the years

Confidence never deployed, negative image fears

Wanting to be loved, to be recognised

Hiding needs under a thin disguise

Each rejection, underlines the lack

Stepping forward, no going back

Needs to be held and validated

Instead gives love ,uncompensated

Alone but not alone

Injured inside, feelings not outgrown

Searching for love always disappointed

Living life in ways disjointed

Needs to validate the self

Find inner happiness, get off the shelf

Bearing gifts

​I come bearing gifts

Not the tangible gifts wrapped in coloured paper

My gifts are maybe of the ether, concoctions of vapour

I hope my gifts are priceless, they cannot be bought

They are not in the shops, they may be gifts, you have not sought.
I come bearing gifts

My love a beacon on the gloomiest day and the darkest night

Soft silvery light to shine in the darkest corners, extra bright

Enabling you the strength to fight your dragons

An extra support in your times of despair, or adverse circumstances
Non judgemental listening allowing openness and trust

Engagement of ears and brain, freeing communication lines, of rust

Trust, that you will find the best way that you can 

A commitment to share my values but not try to force  you to rescan.
A desire to share all of life

With a raft and a map to ride out the strife

The knowledge that everybody also needs space

Not to be hog tied in life’s hectic race.
A bag of humour yet to be shared

Silly moments, joy and laughter cannot be compared

The knowledge that we all need to be self fullfilled

Both need to grow to and for the future build.
My bag of gifts is light on baggage

Many more gifts are there prepackaged

Look and experience my vaporous gifts

I hope they are suitable, they are not to be missed!
I come bearing gifts.

Share pleasure.


Wanting to pleasure all of you

Your mind,your body, your senses too

Share our humour find the joy

Discuss the world, great art enjoy

 Caress you, touched and mesmerised

 Look in your eyes be hypnotised 

To touch and find your erogenous spots

To tie your nerves in tingles and knots

Meeting needs in a relationship. Whose responsibility?

Do you think it’s  the responsibility of your significant other to meet your needs?

If so which?

Physical,psychological,social, sexual,actualisation, financial.

Who met those needs before you were a couple?

If you split up with your partner and they meet all your needs, you are adrift rudderless in the pit of despair.

Why does it become the partner’s responsibility, and should it?

Through life, we should take responsible for meeting our own needs,  to abdicate that responsibility can potentially make us needy, or in extreme circumstances make us open to abuse. Also  bitter and unhappy if we see our perceived needs not being met.

Our partners may want to share in meeting our needs as we do theirs and that becomes part of a fulfilled happy evolving relationship.

But expectation that our needs should be met by our partner and they should be so in tune with us, that they know, exactly  what needs to meet, when, are doomed to cause us disappointment.

Another nail in keeping your relationship alive and dynamic.