Text Snippets from Crozzle. A new flirtation.

Steve : Hello are you playing?
Christine : Yes I am Just had answer the telephone
Christine : Do you like to play your games quickly?
Steve : I try to yes, but I understand if your busy no worries.
Christine : its ok I have so many many games ..so am playing in between ….rather doing lots of other things
Steve : Your very good.
Christine : Thank you..there is a degree of luck to the random especially…the tile placing and the letters…and its never over till its over. In some games I am lagging behind…but love words and games of many sorts so always a pleasure to play. win or lose.
Steve : Yes I agree it’s fun to play and you can meet some very interesting people.
Christine : I have a love of words am aspiring to write….and  want to write poetry about love. …
Steve : That is way cool.
Christine: My name is Christine and I live in Scotland.
Steve : Steve I live in Arizona.
Christine : From the States but playing the English Board.
Steve: I prefer not to play Americans they might be looking for a permanent relationship.
Christine: That’s good you are clear about what you want and you are taking steps to avoid conflict. 
Steve: I am a single father of two, divorced and I intend to stay single. I have a girlfriend but I dont live with her and its really only a sexual  friendship.
Christine: Gosh is she happy with that or does she want more? Sorry talking not playing!
Steve : It’s fine I usually won’t talk but your, interesting, and sexual, I like that. And yes I do have to remind her I don’t want a relationship at all Just sex.
Christine : She needs to want that too or sooner or later she will demand more…or get hurt..but as long as you are honest and you obviously have been…if she comes to you on that basis she takes responsibility for that..and any damage she does to her own relationship…its hard though.
Christine: I have done cybersex with a few people on here, and am a little in love with one of the guys.
Steve: I am getting a little aroused at the thought. Please don’t take the question wrong but does doing cybersex arouse you?

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