The underlying theme
From our eternal dream
Is a perfect symbiosis
With absolutely no neurosis
What are these nebulous things
These emotions that pull our strings
Our desire for the perfect love
Perfection, benediction, totally enough
Attraction, sex and lust
Humour, courage, fairy dust

Perfect symbiosis
What changes the diagnosis
Bubble burst
Relationship cursed
Unrealistic expectations
Faulty communications
Life getting in the way
Morality strays
Lust goes out the door
Got to work hard to adore

The underlying theme
Perfect symbiosis the scheme
Work on the inner self
Don’t stack your needs on a shelf
Tolerance and trust
Stop communication rust
Nurture  the sexual bond
Variety to keep it strong
Stop the neurosis
Reach out for perfect simbiosis


  1. Expect nothing and you’re always pleasantly surprised … nice poem with a moral!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sam1128 says:

      Ah but usually in relationships there are too many expectations and that’s part of the trouble….

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