What are we doing?

​What are we doing

Where are we going

Making you smile 

Tooing and froing
Hearing your dreams

Sharing your schemes

Drawing a picture

Weaving the themes
My first thought on waking

My minds undertaking

Help heal your ills

See bonds we are creating
What are we doing

No future or wooing

Seen only in pictures

Foresee dissolution
Imagine your smile

Share your every trial

Play the buffoon

Make you happy for a while
No, we, no full heart

Knew from the start

Never to touch

Always apart
Never see the whole picture

Minds in the mixture

What are you

My star or a stricture
We are dancing the mating game

But on a driverless train

When it gets derailed

Will life ever be the same
When it’s mundane

We will go insane

When we no longer talk

Life will have no refrain.
For those people who meet, chat, fall, fallout,become obsessed during online meetings. 

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