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Some people chat on line to get to know people make new friends. Some do it boost, their egos to have a virtual affair, to exert their power, to chase capture and discard. Be wise, hold on to your heart, too good to be true? It probably is!


As I search  the roads of this eternal maze

I just find dark corners and more dead ends 

Searching and searching  to ignite the blaze

With short term lovers or just good friends
Where is the love I am yearning towards

To worship my body and cherish my mind

The soul mate, lover, giver of rewards

The man to care for this heart in kind
 I know that  love is a two way process

Give in order to recieve: I understand

Love unrewarded  no forward progress

As I travel the maze on roads of sand
Hopeless it feels, a lovers touch I crave

Before I am called to the end, the grave.

Life through words and pictures

The tides of feeling

 ebb and flow
Fantasy, and reality 


by side grow
I shut my eyes 

and all I see
Is your smiling face 

looking down on me
But you are oh so far away

Just a dream 

at the end of the day
I want to reach

and touch your hand
In my mind

I almost can
In this world

Fantasy land
You fill my soul

 with song and light
Add a dimension

that meshes just right
I read your words

and scour the lines
For meanings

that are left behind
We share some parts 

of our lives
Though a full account

 will never arrive

The tides of feeling

 ebb and flow
Fantasy, and reality 


by side grow
But you are

 oh so far away
Just a dream 

at the end of the day
We share life

through words and pictures.

If wishes could come true

If wishes could come true

I would wish we could escape

Into an eternity, where nobody could rue

Our suitability, our ability to stay the course and win

Where we were free, to laugh, love and exist, with no debate

I would wish for ever lasting happiness, where we could grow together

Free from the constrictions of convention

If wishes could come true.

Eternal Dream

The bubble has been burst

Will that be the worst

Life gets in the way

Almost every day

Changes put a strain 

On relationships normal chain

He/she can make you sad

Also make you mad

Love is but a guide

You cannot run and hide
What is this nebulous thing

The emotion that pulls our string

Attraction, sex and lust

May well just go bust

The underlying theme

That makes our eternal dream

Is a perfect symbiosis 

With absolutely no neurosis

Its a rare and perfect beast

Easy to become deceased.

Coup de Foudre. 

The coup de foudre when it comes
Often has a roll of drums
What sparks the action, who can tell
Lust and hormones can cause hell
The gentle meeting of two minds
Interests that mean, you are two of a kind
The lightening strikes, the need to touch
Desolation, when apart, can be too much
The need to eat each other alive
Without the other you can’t survive
But will it last and stay the course
Or will love die and cause divorce?
The coup de foudre doesn’t stay
When lust has waned it goes away
Then the work is on to build
A strong relationship, become more skilled
Alternatively the relationship dies
Too little in common, no stars in the eyes
The coup de foudre is an amazing thing
Nothing is quite like it for creating a zing.