Leave my heart behind

Now we have started

This sweet seductive game

I think the rules 

we somehow, need to exclaim 

If we just, play it by ear

We will be hurt I fear

Not to think, of  ground rules

Is the fools path to hell
I need to feel the power of your  body

I want to explore your mind

I want you to thrill me hotly

To explore each other, a sexual incline

I need to know you want me

I need you as a devotee 

But don’t use the word love

Unless it’s truly true

Never off the cuff as a convenient bluff 
Now we have started 

This sweet seductive game

With a relationship full of lust

 I know that  that it’s  all insane

Just don’t promise  me the moon and stars

Just a a single tryst with trust.

I need you to explore my body 

Electrify my mind

Just leave my heart behind.

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