Tag: flirtation


I got carried away by our interaction,

Thought it was a source of mutual attraction,

I got carried away by your seeming caring,

Those whispered words and the texts endearing,

I imagined ,we shared something special at times,

I am sure we did, fleetingly, or maybe I am blind

As one of the crowd, I am just a fleeting fling,

It won’t be me, when cupid, releases the arrow from the sling,

It pains me to release these silken chords,

But our relationship, will never win any awards,

I got carried away and am getting hurt,

I am setting us free, my love to divert.

Leave my heart behind

Now we have started

This sweet seductive game

I think the rules 

we somehow, need to exclaim 

If we just, play it by ear

We will be hurt I fear

Not to think, of  ground rules

Is the fools path to hell
I need to feel the power of your  body

I want to explore your mind

I want you to thrill me hotly

To explore each other, a sexual incline

I need to know you want me

I need you as a devotee 

But don’t use the word love

Unless it’s truly true

Never off the cuff as a convenient bluff 
Now we have started 

This sweet seductive game

With a relationship full of lust

 I know that  that it’s  all insane

Just don’t promise  me the moon and stars

Just a a single tryst with trust.

I need you to explore my body 

Electrify my mind

Just leave my heart behind.


Now we have started
This sweet seductive game
I know that, the whole idea, is just so insane
Don’t promise me the moon and stars
False promises will leave me scars
Now we have started
This sweet seductive game
Don’t hypnotise me with endearments
That, for you,are just an indulgance
Maybe a single tryst, with trust
This attraction makes that, a must
I need you to explore my body
Electrify my mind
Just leave, my heart behind.

Moving closer

Excited by the flirtation
Every move a revelation
She steps ever closer
Shedding her composure
Should she take a chance
Her heart before, was lanced
Protecting that healed wound
Must not leave her bound
Time to take the plunge
New world’s, old world’s expunge
No time to reminisce
Now is the time for bliss
Excited anticipation twists
Together they join in that first kiss