I am trapped in a place

I am not sure if it’s real

The paths are all gone

 At best it’s surreal.
The leaves have all fallen

They crunch underfoot

There is no perspective

I think I am forsook.
This land of the fae

Is an alien place

They called to me, plaintive

That diminutive race
I am trapped in a place

I am not sure if its real

I am moving forward 

Like on, a hamster’s wheel.
My heart is a thundering

My breath fast and tight

Darkness has descended

Like the darkest, moonless night.
My boots keep me walking

The air feels real chill

The fireflies are biting

They are making me ill.
Why did I wish for a different fate

You asked me to marry you

I just couldn’t relate

I took my love  away ,with no review.
Now I am paying, what’s overdue

I am trapped in a place far from home

I know its the end the fireflies have grown

Those fae creatures,will make me atone.
Written to relate to a photo prompt.

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  1. Reminds me of Christina Rosetti’s ‘Goblin Market’ …

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