I shut out the  dark cloud of words.     

circling like birds above my head        

reverberating  penetrating                

 piercing like  swords, injury by harsh

 sounds  cruel intent                                       
Silence  now my best defence         

this no time to mount                      

a counterarguement

it will only cause offence

 I need to save my sanity                     

 in serenity                                             
Face and body language neutral

I release calmness                      

focus on the harmless sound.   

of the house those

small comforting noises

welcome in the dark of the 

night or the eye of the storm 
My spirit is  not broken

I will survive anger without blows

I am wrapped in my tranquility

floating in a bubble roaming         

free from fear 

my submission is just remission      

Until I can escape

A poem using masculine, feminine, family rhyme, assonance, consonance  and alliteration.

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