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I shut out the  dark cloud of words.     

circling like birds above my head        

reverberating  penetrating                

 piercing like  swords, injury by harsh

 sounds  cruel intent                                       
Silence  now my best defence         

this no time to mount                      

a counterarguement

it will only cause offence

 I need to save my sanity                     

 in serenity                                             
Face and body language neutral

I release calmness                      

focus on the harmless sound.   

of the house those

small comforting noises

welcome in the dark of the 

night or the eye of the storm 
My spirit is  not broken

I will survive anger without blows

I am wrapped in my tranquility

floating in a bubble roaming         

free from fear 

my submission is just remission      

Until I can escape

A poem using masculine, feminine, family rhyme, assonance, consonance  and alliteration.

The letter.

Activity 6.

March 30th 2017

Dear Sergeant Bristoe,
I wish to share my feelings about the training exercise which took place in January 1987 when you were the platoon instructor. The exercise where you had two near fatalities; it is etched in my mind I hope you remember it.
I understand that training needs be harsh and soldiers must be programmed to obey orders. That we need to push ourselves to the limit and beyond, to meet the objectives. It can be hard to see what is reasonable, when you are being tested past your level of tolerance. 

I would imagine you remember the training exercise, but just in case let me refresh your memory.  It was the last exercise in the January 87 special forces course we were the Bravo group. In the 42-degree heat at the edge of the desert, we were being forced way beyond what was reasonable. We were all experienced soldiers used to obeying orders and to testing ourselves.  We did as we were ordered.

Your role was to push us soldiers to foster all the attributes needed for special forces. You had a job to do. It was the last exercise in a gruelling three days and the conditions as you know had been extreme. You should have assessed the situation more and looked at the condition the recruits were in, before that final exercise. I wanted to tell you to fuck off, which wouldn’t have helped. To highlight that some of the men were too exhausted to do that last big push in the forty plus degree heat.

It is my biggest regret that I didn’t, say what I thought.  If I had, perhaps Mick and Robbo wouldn’t have nearly died. They might both have been able bodied and in the army if not in special forces.

I blame you for your blind determination to goad us lads, to the end, without taking in all the factors in play. I hope you learned from it , and developed further skills in the training and deployment of men. 
The upside for me is that I learnt the lesson well. When I led patrols, I assessed not only the situation but the condition of my men very carefully as part of my planning process. A good lesson but a poor way to have learned it. I still wish I had, the balls to challenge you and it will always be a niggling regret.

Rick Anson.

Flash Fiction?? Chosing actions.

​Jayne is seething ,so angry, she finds herself muttering about the unfairness of life. Standing in the queue for the checkout, the person in front of her,has two unpriced items and the checkout assistant is taking forever.  She is chatting to the other customer and ignoring the  goods still to be scanned. 

‘Oh get on with it, stop piddling about.’

‘For heavens sake I am in a hurry.’


‘That gurl is just so bad at her job!’

The thoughts spin round in Jayne’s brain, her face is flushed and she is tapping her hands on her trolley. By the time she gets to the front of the queue she is frustrated, unable to be pleasant to the assistant and nearly hits a trolley as she reverses out of the parking space. 
Jayne choose to go with her gut reaction, to the setback in the queue and this has left her frustrated and irritable. 
Jayne is standing in the queue at the checkout, the queue is moving slowly and Jayne was hoping for a speedy exit. Looking at the hold up, she sees the checkout assistant chatting to her customer and scanning items extremely slowly. She grimaces and feels herself becoming annoyed. As the feeling of irritation makes its way into her consciousness, she thinks about how she is reacting to the slow movements. Jayne realises she is becoming angry about an issue outside her control and so considers what she can do with the enforced  lull in her busy day. 

She spends a few minutes centering  herself and then picks up her phone and checks her messages. When she leaves the supermarket she is feeling relaxed and happy that she has used her time wisely. 

Jayne choose not to go with her gut reaction and is feeling relaxed and positive.


I talked to a soldier
Who was complex,moreover
He liked to play games
Helped loosen the chains
He disliked politicians
Who supplied the munitions
Who ordered soldiers to go
Against an invisible foe
He went did his duty
Saw the hell and some beauty
Saw friends maimed and killed
Had to be strong willed
He sampled the wild side
Fucked, shot and flied
Needing to live twice as hard
Try everything on the cards
He wears medals with pride
Still another side
Maybe hes a rooting tooting mystery
Which is how it should be