Tag: fate


Planning a journey my heart races

chance to explore unknown places

in this world of exciting spaces
how to choose, stick a pin

that could mean lose or win

wish- list checked word by word

cut it down by a third
I travel far with little fear 

leave it to fate, or stay near here

a journey made by boot and foot

a different adventure new input
with a map to help me yet

though fate, a new course might have set

What might have been

I reflect on what we might have  been,
Had things been different, life’s unforseen,
Twists and turns, fates convuluted hand,
Allowed a glimpse of what might have been, but built on sand,
Could it have been different, would we have been greater in pairing,
Or is this just a hollow dream, that fate has been kind in sparing,
Our paths met, then diverged, adding richness for us both,
Loneliness and sadness in the parting, a layer of learning must add growth,
What we are yet to become, will be due to singular striving,
Happiness and fulfillment, in this life we must work at surviving,
I reflect on what is now,
What might have been I disallow,
Another world, another life, it might be bliss,
Until then I gather life and fulfill my destiny, unable to be blue,
Living life to the full,only more so because I shared a morsel with you.