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What did I want from this life?

Did I understand as I stumbled through?

Planning. No, more like serendipity 

With no direction, what have I missed?

With reaction, rather than considered action

What crass decisions have I made?

How have those decisions  rolled out across the the cosmos?

How have those ripples impacted on others?

Who have I hurt without thought?

With a philosophy of caring for others

Have I actually been guilty of being egotistical and uncaring?

What do I want from this life?

Maybe a new set of values.

If I sang it again

​Why do I cling on to things that have gone

If I sang it again, would the refrain be strong

Would my idealised memories really come true?

Or would it be just the same, a future taboo

I need to live in today find a new path

Yesterday has gone, it’s ashes in the hearth

Remember the good and learn from the rest

The past is gone it should never be the best. 

Out in the mist?

​That ideal relationship just out of reach

 The kind that all the songs and prophets preach

Have I just got scales in my eyes

Stopped seeing the best,the love in the guy

 Has it just got layered in dust

Melded down with a covering of rust

I assume that I know all there is to know

Stopped seeing the sparks and caring so

Have my expectations got in the way

That he does the running I just sway

That ideal relationship just out of reach

Maybe it’s there if I just unleash

The ideal relationship does it exist

Here and now or out in the mist