Tag: imagination

Buried Fantasies

Sharing buried fantasies

We eagerly find

Trialling our ecstasy    

Freeing our minds

 Sharing passion true

Colours our lives

 Expanding our view

 Excitement thrives

Whatever we can imagine 

Will become our feast 

Adding allure and attraction

To that ravening beast.

If I sang it again

​Why do I cling on to things that have gone

If I sang it again, would the refrain be strong

Would my idealised memories really come true?

Or would it be just the same, a future taboo

I need to live in today find a new path

Yesterday has gone, it’s ashes in the hearth

Remember the good and learn from the rest

The past is gone it should never be the best. 

Every which way ….erotica

​Pictures playing around in my mind

Touching, teasing, squeeze and grind

Tantalising, feelings, feeds the fires

Growing warmth my need inspires

Holding close

Seizing strokes

Tasting sweetness

Augurs completeness

Tongue out tracing

Heart full racing

Mesh as one

So much fun

Relive the feelings

Dredge up new meanings

Ready for a replay

Needing  to convey

Love for you

Every which way

Every day

Pictures playing around in my mind

Remind me of my special find.