Some people chat on line to get to know people make new friends. Some do it boost, their egos to have a virtual affair, to exert their power, to chase capture and discard. Be wise, hold on to your heart, too good to be true? It probably is!

Deepest sea, shallowest pool

​Secret longings, Hidden urges Under the serene surface Passion surges Unarticulated ,Submerged dreams Safely contained, Or festering disease I am the deepest sea The shallowest pool Where is the diver,To plumb the depths To stem the rip tide, Nevertheless  Will it be that nobody, will know, the whole of me Just pick out pieces, FlotsamContinue reading “Deepest sea, shallowest pool”

Out in the mist?

​That ideal relationship just out of reach  The kind that all the songs and prophets preach Have I just got scales in my eyes Stopped seeing the best,the love in the guy  Has it just got layered in dust Melded down with a covering of rust I assume that I know all there is toContinue reading “Out in the mist?”


Trapped in this life Like a fly in a Web Though not trussed up tight In silken thread Held by invisible chains Of inertia and caring Longing for a tangible love Rather than this shell, they are wearing She knows there is affection But dreams of so much more She reads of soul mates SheContinue reading “Trapped”


Man with magnetic ways Eyes that mesmerise , my feelings betray Your personality and charm I love to see Please have your way with me The contrast of your masculinity  Accentuates my femininity Striking the match of passion Blazing rising flames of desire Woman with intense emotions  Intending to explore, life’s commotions Woman with herContinue reading “Wanting”

Oasis in Time

We are strangers, connected by the Internet, combining life and fantasy. Although familiarity, knowing  the other, is becoming more a reality. We touch bases sharing our lives, or the parts we want to share, maybe a swiz.  Our time is spent, in banter, in play, in idle chat, in sexy  innuendo,adding fizz. How much isContinue reading “Oasis in Time”