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What did I want from this life?

Did I understand as I stumbled through?

Planning. No, more like serendipity 

With no direction, what have I missed?

With reaction, rather than considered action

What crass decisions have I made?

How have those decisions  rolled out across the the cosmos?

How have those ripples impacted on others?

Who have I hurt without thought?

With a philosophy of caring for others

Have I actually been guilty of being egotistical and uncaring?

What do I want from this life?

Maybe a new set of values.

If I sang it again

​Why do I cling on to things that have gone

If I sang it again, would the refrain be strong

Would my idealised memories really come true?

Or would it be just the same, a future taboo

I need to live in today find a new path

Yesterday has gone, it’s ashes in the hearth

Remember the good and learn from the rest

The past is gone it should never be the best. 

Flying High

Sometimes we explore all realms of being
Life, and emotions it’s totally freeing
Trust that binds us allows for sharing
All ideas pondered our intimacy baring

 Expression lands us raw and intense

Ideas unlocked excitingly immense
So many situations and fun to try out

 Partners of pleasure no limits no doubt

 Flying high on clouds of delight
Spreading our wings with all our might

 Making the visions we hold in our heads

 Come alive to our delight

Plan for the future

​Plan for the future
Hold onto your dreams
Don’t wait for tomorrow
And just fantasise schemes
Build your foundations on today
The ground in the future is unstable
Foundations need solid  ground
Or, they have the habit of falling down
Plan for the future
But start right away
Tomorrow becomes
 Just another wasted day.

Future memories

What will I think of you in years to come
Will my memory of events be true or turned to none
I hope the best moments will still be there
Or will they be subsumed by the bitter share
How can I hold the bliss, the joy of you
Will it just be a transient pleasure, with no review
As life twists and turns and feelings change
Will memories be soured and rearranged
We are in the throes of passion
Let it in we don’t have to ration
Let’s enjoy our time together
Hope these headlines showcase the endeavour
With work and luck we will continue to add new chapters
Keeping love in our lives, making raptures
Right now let’s try to make great moments
Catch the rainbow, bottle the psychosis
What will I think of you in years to come