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Vicarious Art

​Vicarious art, for most a pleasure

Joy untold,much to treasure

Subsumed in other’s  magical creations 

Teasing, relaxing a range of sensations

Amazement, awe and sometimes puzzlement

Sometimes art can seem like punishment

From early cave to modern construction

Art can thrill or cause a ruction

Consider art in all its forms

Each disipline has its norms

Realism, is something many treasure

Whilst  abstract, impressionistic can be harder to measure

Painting,music, dance, poetry or prose

Maybe, we only,like,what is under our nose

Plays, films, television 

Each art form has its vision

Vicarious art, we all indulge

Some try their hands down creative roads

Vicarious art to each their own

Will you step outside your comfort zone?
Apologies for the arts not mentioned specifically! 

You only live twice

What are the dangers of dreams

Infernal fantastic tortuous schemes

The paths that lead to danger

Leading us to falling in love with a stranger
Life all set, priorities to be met

Plans in place, moving apace, life all set

Train moving, tracks straight, becoming truly stulifying

Life mapped, feeling trapped, really not so surprising
Happiness comes and goes

Life has highs but many lows

Lows can breed dreams

What if, scenario scenes
Perfect life and perfect love just like in the stories

Thats how life should be in all its glories

Life imperfect and love low key

Partners drifting apart, less connections it seems
Need to find that perfect love

Daydreams see them clear and corroborative

As the song says, you only live twice or so it seems

Once for yourself and once for your dreams
Dreams, sweet dreams, dreams, perfect dreams

Swinging so high, flying on the trapeze

Launching into space, Twisting in the air

Where to land, here, or way over there
Old path , new path just beware

Stop and think and compare

Each path has some danger

Dream path, love with a stranger
You only live twice or so it seems

Once for yourself  and once for your dreams
Inspired by you only live twice. Nancy Sinatra