Crozzle text snippet.

This is a snippet of text conversation whilst playing the game Word Crozzle. The man a thirty year old commuter who played and chatted on the train as he commuted mostly. Christine early forties somewhat of a cougar. The sex conversations they often had sometimes caused him election issues during his commute.All Christine knows about Ryan is his age and he commutes hence her description mystery man. Of course it maybe that none of those facts is actually correct.

Morning 7th May.
Christine: Good morning..x
I found this poem thought I would share a little.
Hard erection awaiting penetration
Brushes my skin amazing sensation
Eagerly awaiting tantalised and shaking
Your hot breath in my ear excitement awakening.
Ryan: My lyrical master..  How are you sweetheart?
Christine: 1 am just fine…how are you?
Ryan: In a crowded train feeling excited after that.
Evening 7th May
Christine: Good evening. Playing I see.Still on the train?
Ryan: Home now…a shame its not your home x
Christine: Ah but we might not get on well living in the same home…
Ryan:would be fun trying!
Christine: Fun for a weekend maybe…x
Ryan: Maybe..
Christine: A weekend would probably sate us nicely….! could eat breakfast off your body….finger food!
Morning 8th May
Christine: Good morning…Friday…
Ryan: Hey sunshine
Evening 8th May
Christine: Hey mystery man its the weekend any plans? X
Ryan: It’s such a mystery, even I don’t know! You?
Christine: Haha…out for drinks in min…out sun lunch …
Christine: Spect u going to the gym???
Christine: Hi MM.xx
Ryan: Evening my sexy minx
Christine: Hi Ryan…have had wine so smiling….naughty….and good…lol .

Interactions are based on material researched for the novel Converging Lives.

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