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Life through words and pictures

The tides of feeling

 ebb and flow
Fantasy, and reality 


by side grow
I shut my eyes 

and all I see
Is your smiling face 

looking down on me
But you are oh so far away

Just a dream 

at the end of the day
I want to reach

and touch your hand
In my mind

I almost can
In this world

Fantasy land
You fill my soul

 with song and light
Add a dimension

that meshes just right
I read your words

and scour the lines
For meanings

that are left behind
We share some parts 

of our lives
Though a full account

 will never arrive

The tides of feeling

 ebb and flow
Fantasy, and reality 


by side grow
But you are

 oh so far away
Just a dream 

at the end of the day
We share life

through words and pictures.


The burdens of life and stresses of the day

 Don t need to wedge us, gone and away

We are here, with  ear and heart 

Sharing good and bad, though miles apart

Our thoughts and concerns dont need to stew

Sometimes its good, to have another’s  view

A different take, a voice of reason

Helps us regain the silly season

Sharing means, perspective is regained

Or fun and laughter ease the strain

Sometimes its pure joy we share

Life is good no need for repair

With love and joy in our hearts anew

 Helps  navigate to expand our fields of view

Abstract picture

We meet online,
Talk and chat,communication divine,
I think I am a muse in your mind,
Your imagination, adds a lustre to this kind,
Adds virtues to my array,
That I in reality don’t display,
You read between the lines,
And see only actions fine,
The sketch of me,
That you can see,
Is part of the whole, but may be,a more wondrous being,
If we were to meet, and you were seeing,
Would I be, but the negative of the photograph in your  head,
Would you feel cheated, let down instead,
My imperfections are hidden in our online meetings,
What would happen in reality, to our feelings,
I love our meetings,
The sketch of you is not defeating,
We meet online,
Sketching personality and desire with a pen fine,
An abstract picture, vague in parts,
Part of the soul and some of the heart.

Crozzle text snippet.

This is a snippet of text conversation whilst playing the game Word Crozzle. The man a thirty year old commuter who played and chatted on the train as he commuted mostly. Christine early forties somewhat of a cougar. The sex conversations they often had sometimes caused him election issues during his commute.All Christine knows about Ryan is his age and he commutes hence her description mystery man. Of course it maybe that none of those facts is actually correct.

Morning 7th May.
Christine: Good morning..x
I found this poem thought I would share a little.
Hard erection awaiting penetration
Brushes my skin amazing sensation
Eagerly awaiting tantalised and shaking
Your hot breath in my ear excitement awakening.
Ryan: My lyrical master..  How are you sweetheart?
Christine: 1 am just fine…how are you?
Ryan: In a crowded train feeling excited after that.
Evening 7th May
Christine: Good evening. Playing I see.Still on the train?
Ryan: Home now…a shame its not your home x
Christine: Ah but we might not get on well living in the same home…
Ryan:would be fun trying!
Christine: Fun for a weekend maybe…x
Ryan: Maybe..
Christine: A weekend would probably sate us nicely….! could eat breakfast off your body….finger food!
Morning 8th May
Christine: Good morning…Friday…
Ryan: Hey sunshine
Evening 8th May
Christine: Hey mystery man its the weekend any plans? X
Ryan: It’s such a mystery, even I don’t know! You?
Christine: Haha…out for drinks in min…out sun lunch …
Christine: Spect u going to the gym???
Christine: Hi MM.xx
Ryan: Evening my sexy minx
Christine: Hi Ryan…have had wine so smiling….naughty….and good…lol .

Interactions are based on material researched for the novel Converging Lives.

Two Share

Two lives touch, Two lives Converge
Two hearts beat, Two  minds merge
Two worlds together,Two stand alone 
Two agendas, Two swoon
Two phones, same mind
Two halves, pleasure, both might find
Two wet, Two cream
Two share, transient dream
Peace relief pleasure time
Two remember it’s a fantasy rhyme.

Oasis in Time

We are strangers, connected by the Internet, combining life and fantasy.
Although familiarity, knowing  the other, is becoming more a reality.
We touch bases sharing our lives, or the parts we want to share, maybe a swiz. 
Our time is spent, in banter, in play, in idle chat, in sexy  innuendo,adding fizz.
How much is real, how much dream, is this relationship what it seems?
That feeling of connection; seems so real, I fear it is, mostly  a dream.
Will we ever meet? My hope my wish. It will never happen, it’s not in life’s scheme.
We share a window, connected in time
A little oasis, ours for a short time.
It is enough.

Some thoughts on cyber sex

Sex is a two way process, recieve but also give
Cyber is but fantasy, but sometimes helps folk live
If a friend is feeling horny, why not help if it feels right
Dont play and get involved if its going to cause a fright
There are people, it seems fine to share with, but try to keep it tame
Others are just dangerous will take  advantage, it’s not a game
You have to go on instinct but also think it through
Cyber has its dangers that could cause you to rue
Oxytocin is lurking, to cause emotions to run high
Fall in love at your peril, how much is a lie
Sex is a two way process, receive but also give

Text snippets on Word Crozzle. False face on the Internet. A predator or worse?

Eve started a new random game and it was with somebody called Jason his thumbnail showed a good looking man maybe late thirties.
Chat with Jason and Eve
Eve: Hi my name is Eve looking forward to the game.
Jason: Hi my name is Jason.
Eve : I live in London.
Jason: I live in Los Angeles.You are very lovely.
Eve: Oh you have bad fires at the moment, it must be terrible.
Jason. Oh I live to the South. But thank you for your concern. Are you always concerned about people or only people you are attracted too?
Eve :  I am always interested in what is happening to the people I am playing with.
Eve : So what interests you… ?What makes you smile?
Jason : Someone loving me
Eve : And you dont at the moment?
Jason : No. 😭
Eve: Must be somebody…family? friends?
Jason : Yes… family.
Eve: So people love you..but are not in love with you?
Jason : Yes. Oh my goodness how did you know?
Eve : Because you said somebody loving you would make you smile… So either the person you are with doesnt make you smile …or you are between partners and are looking for the soul mate..lol
Jason : The latter.
Jason : You are so insightful.
Eve : Guess I will need to find an easier way to make you smile….falling in love over the internet can cause major problems…and I try to avoid it…
Eve : Better friends than a romance built on sand..lol
jason : I agree. But it is possible to find true love over the Internet or even over a silly game like this.
Jason : I believe in love at first sight and finding your soulmate even if they live in different country.
Eve : It is possible to find true love anywhere…even on the internet…and on games sites…but you have to remember you only see what people want you to see…they only share what they want to share…you only actually have part of a picture of them and your brain fills in the details and can make somebody look perfect when they actually have feet of clay…as we all do… actually interacting in the real world when you see people stressed and unhappy or see their bad habits is different from the rosy pic one can get over the net…  It can happen but be aware of the bias that can occur when all your communication is long distance..
Jason: I am very attracted to you  you are beautiful  kind and sympathetic.
Eve :1 think love is something very deep and complicated and its something that needs to be continuously nurtured. I think some of the love at first sight is about attraction and lust…..and the deeper connection follows if you can become friends, communicate and really care for the person you are with…and not try to turn them into the person you would like them to be..  Sorry subject I feel strongly about..
Shortly after this Jason resigned the game with no further communication Eve shrugged and carried on. Finished games stay, on the Word Crozzle played list, and eventually scroll  off. Eve noticed that the thumbnail picture had changed to a younger person of different ethnic origin. Who was Jason? What did he want? Why did he change identities? Eve will never know but it has reminded  her of the need to take care and not to accept everything at face value. Have you had issues of misrepresentation on the net?