​I feel your happiness I feel your pain I share some of life’s refrain Transience I share your problems I divert your mind I walk beside or trail behind Heartstrings I comfort you as best I can I want to heal you that’s the scope I want to be your beacon of hope Sham IContinue reading “Overview”

Conversations and pictures

​Our conversations are pulling me in Pictures we devlop will always begin  Yielding desires as well they might  Tingling sensations trigger me tight Setting the stage for the feelings to come Just the distance to be overcome. Inspired by the Novel Converging Lives.

On line Friendship

We met on a word game, in cyberspace We got on well we bonded and chased We talked and shared, our lives our schemes Hard to remember, it is a fantasy, a dream For we only know the other, from the information shared Keeping secrets, though the soul seems bared We share our lives, fromContinue reading “On line Friendship”

Keeping our feet on the ground

We must, keep our feet on the ground From the euphoria we have found In cyber games and chats, that confound Pictures and words taking us to fantasy Maybe outside sanity The pictures and feelings are fascinating In  lives forever separating .   Related to Converging Lives the Novel.

How to Set Healthy Boundaries

Originally posted on Dr. Eric Perry:
“I encourage people to remember that “No” is a complete sentence.” ~ Gavin de Becker 1. Identify current boundary crossers The first step in setting healthy boundaries is identifying who it is that is the boundary crosser. How does this person make you feel? Most likely, telling this person how…