Hold daylight at bay

In the soft light of the moon,
I lay safe in your arms,
Praying that daylight, would not come too soon,
I wished to stay close and share all your charms.

Entwined together, softly breathing,
The pinnacle of my dreams, feeling every touch and tingle,
Not forced to rise, heart broken at the leaving,
This oasis of bliss, holding onto the feelings of juices mingling.

In the silvery light of the moon,
We consummated our love,
Feelings blossomed, emotions swooned,
Our moment in time, tastes like syllabub.

In the harsh light of the day,my love tutor,
Will that sweetness turn to ashes,
From the safety of your arms I will flee, to an uncertain future,
Will this moment ever be recreated, in repeated dashes.

In the soft light of the moon,
I wish to stay,
Oh my lover, just discover,
How to hold daylight at bay.

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