Abstract picture

We meet online,
Talk and chat,communication divine,
I think I am a muse in your mind,
Your imagination, adds a lustre to this kind,
Adds virtues to my array,
That I in reality don’t display,
You read between the lines,
And see only actions fine,
The sketch of me,
That you can see,
Is part of the whole, but may be,a more wondrous being,
If we were to meet, and you were seeing,
Would I be, but the negative of the photograph in your  head,
Would you feel cheated, let down instead,
My imperfections are hidden in our online meetings,
What would happen in reality, to our feelings,
I love our meetings,
The sketch of you is not defeating,
We meet online,
Sketching personality and desire with a pen fine,
An abstract picture, vague in parts,
Part of the soul and some of the heart.

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