Desperate for Love

Desperate for love, she gets taken in,
Her need stops her checking  the words on the tin,
Married and unhappy, feeling cheated of love,
Looking for her white knight, to love her no bluff,
She talks on the Internet,  to the men that she meets,
If they are responsive, her hopes are increased,
Her heart beats faster, when their texts she recieves,
She develops a friendship  hoping for more,
Searching for somebody to adore, adore,
Cybersex is mentioned she’s reluctant to try,
But words like sweetie, my love, darling she cannot deny,
With the promise of love, to Skype she agrees,
She’s in love with this figment, to a thousand degrees,
They make plans to meet, and it cannot be,
He is so sorry, to set her free,
Her heart is broken she can’t eat or sleep,
Never again will she get involved it’s cheap,
Six weeks later, a new friend she meets,
Taking it easy, she wants love not repeats,
Desperate for love she gets taken in,
Her need stops her checking the words on the tin.

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