Fantasy and Reality…inspired by Converging Lives the novel

​Fantasy and reality side by side grow

Boundaries blur where is the plateau?

The starkness of words translated into pictures

The holes in the substance, filled in, no glitches

Subconscious embellishment start a rosie glow

Bad habits never seen, don’t spoil the show

Endearments uttered are stored in memories box

They are intense and become important, the paradox

She needs emotions stirred, to feel a connection

His drivers different, maybe need inspection

Married to other’s, they met playing a game

Chatting and sharing life in a cyber domain

Shes desperate for love, her happiness compromised 

She grabs  affection and excitement, it makes her blind

He is looking for  flirtation moving through lusts revolving door

He enjoys the immediate journey, never requiring more

Intimacy inevitably grows with the sharing

 Could be great, if in perspective pairing

She loves that he calls her by that special name

Unaware he calls, all girls the same

He is wrapped up and interested, its no ploy

But soon he will be bored and move on, to another female toy

Her one in a million man will gradually extract

Leaving her devastated  another set back

Fantasy and reality side by side grow

Boundaries blur where is the plateau?

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