New passion

Newly met Learning yet Thunder rumbles Lightening strikes Nerve endings raw Pouring down wild and wet Getting  ready getting set Unexpected newly directed Thoroughly affected Passion takes hold unrestrained Nothing about this can be tamed Mind pictures set the flames Until the lust peaks and wanes

Lay your head

Lay your head on my heart Feel the beats stop and start Our mind pictures blending the feelings we are tending feel the warmth of my skin it must be win win Reach out to me Feel the beats stop and start describe your feelings in this time we are stealing a time free toContinue reading “Lay your head”

Sharing Time

Sharing time with you Makes me happy        Respite from reality A secret space       Touch and embrace Feelings of vitality Wrap close around me Like tendrils of morning mist                           Clinging, hard to resist Sharing time with youContinue reading “Sharing Time”


Can you match me measure for measure will you be sensitive to my pleasure can you pull me, out of a web of distrust you planted  seeds and nurtured their growth cared so much, brought loving  close new love new  set of feelings exciting romance, to expunge past dealings trying to trust and believe anewContinue reading “New”

By line

By-line. She meets him on-line She is feeling feckless life devoid of excitement her need making her reckless On- line he gives her incitement He wants her to send a picture In a pose that is very seductive she fights her moral stricture thinking such ideas destructive She wants to look and feel glamorous sheContinue reading “By line”


Attraction snuck up on us quickly The lure of romance in the air That first wave of emotion, swept us away No need for Tinder, it was redundant that day. We floated  on clouds of pheromones  Drunk on shared secrets and joy We couldn’t stop touching each other Magnetism  fully deployed. The recipe for aContinue reading “Attraction”