Tag: desires

Feeling erotic

Health warning darling I am feeling erotic
Don’t be disturbed or overally neurotic
I am sitting on the bed watching through the door
Your silhouette in the shower, as you soap and maybe more
You know I am here, you stop acting demure
Your movement accentuate a seductive lure
It’s filling me with desire, should I join you
Or just watch, and enjoy the view
As our eyes briefly touch
I am lusting for you..

What sort of woman?

What sort of woman do you want
Is there a type that makes you respond
Am I the woman that fits your dreams
Or the type that will give you nightmare screams
Can complex personalities distill the traits
Drill down to find those that the man rates
If women were poems what would you choose
The haiku, short sweet and mysterious
The ode long and serious
Does it depend on your mood
Would you prefer quip and rhyme food
Or sample rhythmic stanzas
Maybe dip into a compendium bonanza
Is it erotic verse that speaks to you
Or a strong woman, with a heart true
My poem is made of complex twists
Turn the pages sample my stories
They may attract you with their glories
If not,you will not be the man for me
Because, what ever your dreams may be
Whilst I can join you, I am the me
Happy with the way I be.