Tag: sexuality


Sharing time with you

Makes me happy

      A respite from reality

A secret space

Touch and embrace

      Feelings of insubstantiality

Wrap around me

Like tendrils of morning mist

         Clinging, hard to resist
Sharing time with you

Is the pinnacle of my week

            Emotional peak

From that first meet kiss

The feelings of bliss

              Engulf me

You feed my mind

I reply in kind

             Cerebral compatibility
Sharing time with you

Makes my hormones zing

             Frission of electricity

The magnetic force

That holds us close

            Pure sexuality

Hold and examine 

The rare artifact

           Plunge into the abyss





Imperative Compunction

​Embraced so tight, cheeks ablush 

Look in your eyes, words superfluous

 Tingling touch, that tantalises

Aching anticipation, fantasises

Sinfully delicious, mad seduction

Feels a natural construction.


Opening up my secret desires

Heart strings plucked, lust conspires

Panting passion, pleasure plea

Yearning yields, guarantee 

Melting core, trying to function

Over whelmed, imperative compunction

Every which way ….erotica

​Pictures playing around in my mind

Touching, teasing, squeeze and grind

Tantalising, feelings, feeds the fires

Growing warmth my need inspires

Holding close

Seizing strokes

Tasting sweetness

Augurs completeness

Tongue out tracing

Heart full racing

Mesh as one

So much fun

Relive the feelings

Dredge up new meanings

Ready for a replay

Needing  to convey

Love for you

Every which way

Every day

Pictures playing around in my mind

Remind me of my special find.

Entwined. Adult content.

We lay in the darkness our bodies entwined
Twisted together like parasitic vines
We fit well together our bodies conform
Entwined legs and fingers, touch, then trigger thunderstorms
I hear the thunder as our heartbeats increase
See bright shards of light when nearing release
Rivulets of water cascade down our spines
Mixing with stormy fluids to expedite the prize
We lay in the darkness our bodies entwined
Moving together grasping something quite wild
Enacting the storm that’s wild in the night
Grasping our pleasure filled with delight

Ready to drop

The emotions, emanating,effortlessly
Are heightened now tremendously
As you hold me, so your touch
Ignites a fire, our lips just brush
Then you pull me close
Lips on mine demand the most
Tongues writhe and  intertwine
Creating feelings so divine
Hands reach out and caress
Sliding down inside my dress
Sending shivers down my spine
Ah this is a steep incline
Feeling hot
Ready to drop
Head first into ecstasy.