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The Power of Words

Oratory makes power
The power of words
An eloquence of speech
Combined with fluency of ideas
Charisma confounds rhetoric
Or expands it
into a force for good or ill
Oratory moves mountains
Moves the masses
There is a power to words
Declamatory speeches
laced with anaphora
Sing to the soul
Words written on the page
Erudite compelling full of truisms
Words of power but which rendition
The eloquence of oration or
the seductiveness of written word?
Which wields the greatest power?
Or is all equal with the power of words?

Samantha Beardon c.

The word of power

I challenge you, a deal to win

Ignite me, light a spark within

Hold me close, liberate the waves

 Energy, jumping set ablaze

I challege you to spin my dreams

Educate me, help me to  ply my schemes

Join me , help me in my wonder

Send me to the heights, sate my hunger

Liberate and Join  with me

Ignite me,light a spark 

Then set me free.


Cymbals crashing in the sky
Staccato rain blowing by
Grey and dark
The heavens split
Zig zag flashes
Dash and flit
Thunder rolls we count the time
To gauge the storms centre line
Dark clouds roil, gold underlit
Nature’s majesty unfurled
Watching in awe it’s dominance of our world