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The Power of Words

Oratory makes power
The power of words
An eloquence of speech
Combined with fluency of ideas
Charisma confounds rhetoric
Or expands it
into a force for good or ill
Oratory moves mountains
Moves the masses
There is a power to words
Declamatory speeches
laced with anaphora
Sing to the soul
Words written on the page
Erudite compelling full of truisms
Words of power but which rendition
The eloquence of oration or
the seductiveness of written word?
Which wields the greatest power?
Or is all equal with the power of words?

Samantha Beardon c.

Reality … Totality


Definition in words and pictures

Make an impression,markers and fixtures

When reality blurs how to show our worth

Are words enough or insubstantial

The path winds on, destiny calling, consequential

If words hang lame 

How do we decaim our feelings

Body language supplements the story, fans the flame

Words light a spark

The void between us ignited by touch pushes back the dark

Definition in words and pictures

Knowing we may feel the same no strictures

Reaching out with all the senses

Moving from one reality to totality


Words those unsubstantial marks on the page
Describing concepts from the mind, retrieved from life’s  stage
Words those insignificant sounds reaching our ears
Communicating needs, joys and fears
What makes those words a potent force
When each receiver tunes in, differently of course
The pictures produced in the receivers  mind 
Influenced by their experiences, perceptions, beliefs inside
Words that paint pictures of concepts, we feel a need to express
If words evoke reaction maybe that’s a writer’s success