Love like the Movies

We have this image of love, how it is going to be, what will happen when we feel it. When it doesn’t play out as we expect we accept less or move on. Sometimes we make the wrong choices. identifying love is difficult and we are taught by books and movies not by role modelsContinue reading “Love like the Movies”

Do we ever learn

Do we ever really learn The difference  between holding out a  hand Or clutching someone to us  in a vicelike band The fluidity of trust Is better than control That we all need space Love doesn’t mean shackles tightly in place Do we ever really learn Unthinking actions will cause hurt How ever much someoneContinue reading “Do we ever learn”

The word of power

I challenge you, a deal to win Ignite me, light a spark within Hold me close, liberate the waves  Energy, jumping set ablaze I challege you to spin my dreams Educate me, help me to  ply my schemes Join me , help me in my wonder Send me to the heights, sate my hunger LiberateContinue reading “The word of power”

Light me a spark

​Light me a spark Thats a good start Show me the essence,  of you Then I can view,  you true My heart and mind remain open  To possibilities,  full of emotion Lets relax and go with the flow Early days,lets just get to know Each other Will this feeling grow Beyond the first kisses glowContinue reading “Light me a spark”


Take me to another land I put myself in your hands Describe things I might never see Make it all alive for me Teach me facts I did not know Make me wiser when I go Share your humour, joy and drive Helps to make us more alive Close my eyes and you are hereContinue reading “Share”

Do we learn

​Do we ever really learn The difference between, the need to hold out a  hand Or clutching someone’s heart in a vicelike band The fluidity of trust Is better than iron resolve, that doesnt flex and rusts That we all need space Love doesn’t mean shackles tightly in place Unthinking actions will cause hurt HowContinue reading “Do we learn”

Gossamer wings

​You brushed my life, with gossamer wings Held captivated by your promises of things Then you flew away, leaving an indelible mark A gap, a need, a place that felt so dark Changing my soul forever, all for naught But the  life cycles of butterflies are short From this memory springs Love,Yearning,Sadness, Learning and Strength

Colours of love 

​What are the colours associated with love, are such fanciful notions new to you Do you think it bizarre, to spread out the colours, to compare their hues My notion of love in this context, would be,of sex and desire The love related to intimacy If I put up a chart would the colours vary,Continue reading “Colours of love “

Rebuilding dreams

Today my dream seems set to rust Think it’s past it, reduced to dust Gossamer threads colour my day Looking at a horizon layered in grey Sure the dark is pulling me in. Hold my dreams, in my hand Sifting through their hues, there’s  a bright strand Hold that strand towards the light Twinkling green,Continue reading “Rebuilding dreams”