Category: joy

Moving closer

Excited by the flirtation
Every move a revelation
She steps ever closer
Shedding her composure
Should she take a chance
Her heart before, was lanced
Protecting that healed wound
Must not leave her bound
Time to take the plunge
New world’s, old world’s expunge
No time to reminisce
Now is the time for bliss
Excited anticipation twists
Together they join in that first kiss

New day

New day
Risky venture
Make it pay
Add adventure
Try for balance
Look for positives
Misery absence
Grab your prerogatives
Mix some kindness
Listen and understand
Don’t be mindless
Life expand
New day
Make it count
Learn from yesterday
Try the profound
Recognise joy
Ride the angst, and revile
Don’t be a decoy
Find that smile
New day
Don’t waste
Grab it and taste.


Blackbird tapping on the window pane
Demanding sultanas, a recognised claim
I react, He has me well trained
First thing in the morning, my reflex ingrained
Put on the kettle, take out the box, open the window
Scatter some stock, our winter ritual, me his slave
Now in the spring, more demanding, he will rave
Now he’s children to feed, he has more need
Seems word is  spreading, now from his lead
Others arrive to share in the feast
They don’t realise it costs money, at least
The pleasure I get is its own reward
Ah here he comes, must supply his reward

Time together

Standing close
I drink the view
I trace your mouth
The essence of you
I gaze in your eyes
I drown in their pools
My emotions stretched
Sexuality  infused
Your hot breath
Grazes my cheek
Take a step nearer
Feeling kind of weak
Feeling your heartbeat
Meshing with mine
Safe now in your arms
In our special time.

Nuggets of joy

Where do you find  little nuggets of joy
Each and every day, do you need your radar as decoy
Or do you soak them up, with negativity have no truck, find joy in tiny and in big

What makes you smile, is it sometimes naughty
Or is it always pc, like in a laboratory
Kindness brings smiles, humour maybe a belly laugh, then all those myriad that make us larf

Joy to each might have different hues
Recognising and counting it, it’s important to choose
Instead of your cares holding sway, ferret out those joys hidden in every day.

What could they be?
Something simple, that you see
A compliment
A message from a friend
Sharing a moment
An email or text to send
A smile from a stranger
The song of a bird
That shaft of sunshine
Beautiful music you just heard
Gifting your time to help another
Playing a joke on sister or brother
Sharing the joy of others
A hand being touched

A quick list off the top of my head
So many others, lots to spread.

Please add to my list of joys to savour.