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Lay your head

Lay your head on my heart

Feel the beats stop and start
Our mind pictures blending

the feelings we are tending

feel the warmth of my skin

it must be win win

Reach out to me
Feel the beats stop and start

describe your feelings

in this time we are stealing

a time free to care

we have little to spare
Lay your head on my heart

Feel the beats stop and start

Sparkling frost warmed by the sun

My love is not of the springtime

Blossoms, nesting birds and new born lambs

Rising sap and sprouting leaf
Nor  is it the love  of summertime
Bursting buds, showy flowers, perfumed air

Hot wind, heating the skin
It is not the love of  autumn 

Falling leaves, rain and cold wind

Hot and cold alternately 
My love is of the winter

Sharp sparkling frost warmed by the rays of the gentle sun

Cold outside but inner warmth sitting by the cracking flames
Heady lust  has settled

Looking for new pastures has waned

Now the warmth of friendship, the bond of trust

Shared dreams, laced with humour.

Attracted to your light

I am attracted to your light

Like a moth to a flame

A shining beacon held tight

That I cant penetrate
I feel your spirit near me

So tantalising close

I let my essence flow free

 so we mingle close
As we dance the air dreamy

our essence entwined

We share so deeply

It cant be defined

Our bodies are longing

 our souls find a way

To bridge times crossing

For our minds to hold sway
Without ever touching you

I find myself drawn

To  the part thats so true

Though it has no form
Though you will never be mine

In a tangible way

My heart is a shrine

Where you can stay
I am attracted to your light

I sense you near me

​I sense you near me

Painting me with your eyes

Although all you see is a picture

A vision on far away skies

I feel you near me 

Although you are far away

Communicating over the ether

Is so commonplace  today

I feel I know you

Although only through what you share

I have a limited portrait

With a canvas that has large bits bare

I feel a friendship

Growing stronger with time

The strength of the sketch 

Will strengthen or maybe decline

I feel you near me

We are able to share 

Humour, interests and difficulties

Adds a dimension most rare


Softly blown

Kisses and wishes

Carried to you
Over boundless ellipses

Of trust and lust

Fluttering and floating

Quietly hushed
Valiantly hoping

Our feelings attuned

For you to seize

To set you on fire
Caught on a whim, heavenly buzz

As the  words and pictures

Swirl and brim

Totally bewitched
Sustain love caught on a whim

Reunion Fifty years on.

​Fifty years, where has it gone

Left with lifes myriad ghosts and many lines of song

Fifty years since we all arrived

To start our nurse training, young vibrant and alive

A group of girls who had never met

Thrown together to mesh,to blend into a safety net

Three years of training, working and living close together

Some bonded close, but all formed a bond that revives what ever

Disparate interests and backgrounds at the start

Each keen to learn the nursing art
Fifty years of love and life have passed

Marriage, families, life’s  travails, but all have still plyed their craft

Fifty years celebrated with chat and reminisce 

Each adding memories to the mix, giving us all a glimpse

Of the time that made lasting changes to the mix

Fifty years that is quite a fix

That perhaps helped form those girls, into women of strength

Who have continued joy, caring and compassion thence

Fifty years yet still those girls are standing there

Maybe a little changed but still essentially the same, I declare
Fifty years still able to meet

Well girls ain’t that quite a feat? 
This is the story of a group of women who started to train as nurses in June 1966 at a hospital in England. Who all married had families and who all continued to work most for another 40 years as nurses. They met last week to celebrate their 50 year reunion of meeting and training. This is my tribute to them. 


​Suffused with love and caught on a whim

Feeling excited hoping to win

Sending you wishes and hopes by the score

Blowing them mightily out of the door

Swirling, whirling  into the sky

Floating, flying ,oh so high

Fluttering and Floating never tied down

Growing into happiness if they land on the ground

Leaving signs of the love that we share

Floating around you with plenty to spare



Tides wash along the shore
Ebb and flow for ever more
Relationships also ebb and flow
Sometimes falter sometimes grow
Times of dark and times of sun
Always working, when attached to fun
Sunny moments dispel the grey
Keeping up with feet of clay
Are we walking hypnotised
Just trying on relationships to find the right size
Relationships ebb and flow
Can we work to make it grow