Lay your head

Lay your head on my heart Feel the beats stop and start Our mind pictures blending the feelings we are tending feel the warmth of my skin it must be win win Reach out to me Feel the beats stop and start describe your feelings in this time we are stealing a time free toContinue reading “Lay your head”

I sense you near me

​I sense you near me Painting me with your eyes Although all you see is a picture A vision on far away skies I feel you near me  Although you are far away Communicating over the ether Is so commonplace  today I feel I know you Although only through what you share I have aContinue reading “I sense you near me”


​Softly blown Kisses and wishes Carried to you Over boundless ellipses Of trust and lust Fluttering and floating Quietly hushed Valiantly hoping Our feelings attuned For you to seize To set you on fire Caught on a whim, heavenly buzz As the  words and pictures Swirl and brim Totally bewitched Sustain love caught on aContinue reading “Wishes”


​Friends across the miles Getting together to harmonise  We are here with ear and heart Sharing good and bad, though far apart Our thoughts and concerns dont need to stew Sometimes its good to have anothers view A different take a voice of reason Helps us regain the silly season Sharing means perspective  regained OrContinue reading “Friends “


​You make me laugh you make me smile You ease my troubles for a while When the world feels gloomy and my skies feel grey You help brighten the mood add light to my day I celebrate the essence of you

Reunion Fifty years on.

​Fifty years, where has it gone Left with lifes myriad ghosts and many lines of song Fifty years since we all arrived To start our nurse training, young vibrant and alive A group of girls who had never met Thrown together to mesh,to blend into a safety net Three years of training, working and livingContinue reading “Reunion Fifty years on.”


​Suffused with love and caught on a whim Feeling excited hoping to win Sending you wishes and hopes by the score Blowing them mightily out of the door Swirling, whirling  into the sky Floating, flying ,oh so high Fluttering and Floating never tied down Growing into happiness if they land on the ground Leaving signsContinue reading “Wishes”


Tides Tides wash along the shore Ebb and flow for ever more Relationships also ebb and flow Sometimes falter sometimes grow Times of dark and times of sun Always working, when attached to fun Sunny moments dispel the grey Keeping up with feet of clay Are we walking hypnotised Just trying on relationships to findContinue reading “Tides”