Dancing the sky dreamy.

The triolet Dancing the sky, dreamy, souls entwined, Our essence mingling freely ,bobbing wild, Gossamar threads ,keep our essence aligned,     Dancing the sky, dreamy, souls entwined,         Spreading light, heating our desires tide,             Aerial ballet, across the air compiled, Dancing the sky, dreamy, soulsContinue reading “Dancing the sky dreamy.”

Teddy Bear

Teddybear is sitting in the chair Wondering what clothes to wear Will it be an important day Will she listen to a word I say I have so much wisdom in my head Time she was up and out of the bed I share her secrets large and small Cuddle and kiss her when shesContinue reading “Teddy Bear”

Timeless thoughts

​Whimsical wiles, wickedly wishing Tapping timeless thoughts and twisting Languorous lavish loving limbs Wonderful winsome whims Embraced close,  lips just brushed Tingling, tactile, tantalizing, touch Mystical, miraculous, momentum  Sparks of passion, fuel the spectrum Imperative idolatory imposition Need begets reason,defies opposition  Sexuality, sensation saturated  Cojoined until pleasure is dissipated  

You only live twice

What are the dangers of dreams Infernal fantastic tortuous schemes The paths that lead to danger Leading us to falling in love with a stranger Life all set, priorities to be met Plans in place, moving apace, life all set Train moving, tracks straight, becoming truly stulifying Life mapped, feeling trapped, really not so surprisingContinue reading “You only live twice”

Every which way ….erotica

​Pictures playing around in my mind Touching, teasing, squeeze and grind Tantalising, feelings, feeds the fires Growing warmth my need inspires Holding close Seizing strokes Tasting sweetness Augurs completeness Tongue out tracing Heart full racing Mesh as one So much fun Relive the feelings Dredge up new meanings Ready for a replay Needing  to conveyContinue reading “Every which way ….erotica”


​Shivering colours of exotic hue Weave there way, round me and you Honey brown eyes, glint and laugh Glorious white teeth as you laugh Vermillion lips, trace an autograph Grey eyes sparkling glinting blue Intertwined hair, blonde and bamboo Pink pointed tongues, leave silvery trails Dappled skin, pink tinged amazes Aura radiating colours of flamesContinue reading “Colours”

Learning to be

​Learning to be, Can be hard you see, Life teaches us early who we are, Can make us doubt ourselves, makes lasting scars. If we focus on others judgements, The negatives, can stunt our circumference, Told you are no good at that,  Are ugly, stupid that’s a trap. Learning to be the person, that fulfillsContinue reading “Learning to be”

Ode to poets

I read your poetry with awe Wanting to read ever more It warms my heart and makes me think Never sends me to the drink Your laid back style Makes me smile Your words and thought So carefully wrought Can be very deep Make connections leap The rhythm and the tempos time Pull one fromContinue reading “Ode to poets”