Tag: balance


​Follow where you lead 

Or tread my own path

Walk beside you

But stop at the gate

Or to you subjugate
Share the path finding 

Draw a joint map

Space to walk together

To avoid the main trap

Map out routes for solo travel 

With routes back to home
Lead where you follow

Follow where you lead

Jointly share the burden

That way we succeed.


Rushing, rushing
Frenetically hustling
Life is busy, full of strife
Where can I find the simple life?
Bustling, hustling
Ever tussling
No time to listen
Watch the world glisten
I need a space
To slow my pace
Savour the joys
Smash the annoys
Centre myself
Count my wealth
Where can I find the simple life?
Inside myself, a place to thrive
Maybe semantics
Look at the mechanics
Life is too short not to enjoy.