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Sharing  our intimate fantasies

We need trust,to stop tragedies 

 Unlocking our ideas exciting immense

Exploring wildness  feelings intense

So many situations we could try out

Sharing ideas, time and about 

Making the pictures held in our heads

Come alive and become real instead

Partners in pleasure trying our dreams

Rising so high within the jet stream

Ideas so sensual,so carefree, so freeing

Maintaining excitement and a relationship  intriguing


The burdens of life and stresses of the day

Don t need to wedge us, gone and away

We are here, with  ear and heart 

Sharing good and bad, though miles apart

Our thoughts and concerns dont need to stew

Sometimes its good, to have another’s  view

A different take, a voice of reason

Helps us regain the silly season

Sharing means, perspective is regained

Or fun and laughter ease the strain

Sometimes its pure joy we share

Life is good no need for repair

Sexy images and fantasies

Make us happy boost realities

With love and joy in our hearts anew

Helps  navigate,to expand our fields of view

My internal monologue

My internal monologue is mine alone

Some of it hidden, like a dog hides a bone

Some of it’s shared with those I love

But those darker thoughts, are shoved

Into minds recesses, shrouded and clothed.
Sometimes my monologue, shows in my face

Irritation, impatience mirror my distaste

I am adept at hiding , some of my feelings

Looking serene when the mind is reeling

My internal monologue is mine alone.
Some people think they can predict my moves

My reactions transparent, well oiled groves

They don’t understand, when my choice is askew

When I take an altogether, alternative view   

My internal monologue is mine alone.
Is there always, a part hidden away?

Ideas, memories, beliefs, that hold sway

Those deepest doubts, the darkest fears

The naughty needs, the mental scar, opinion drear

My internal monologue affects the personae I present.


Sharing buried fantasies

We eagerly find

Trialling our ecstasy    

Freeing our minds

 Sharing passion true

Colours our lives

 Expanding our view

 Excitement thrives

Whatever we can imagine 

Will become our feast 

Adding allure and attraction

To that ravening beast

Eternal Dream

The bubble has been burst
Will that be the worst
Life gets in the way
Almost every day
Changes put a strain
On relationships normal chain
He/she can make you sad
Also make you mad
Love is but a guide
You cannot run and hide

What is this nebulous thing
The emotion that pulls our string
Attraction, sex and lust
May well just go bust
The underlying theme
That makes our eternal dream
Is a perfect symbosis
With absolutely no neurosis
Its a rare and perfect beast
Easy to become deceased.

Where do you stand

​Where do you stand, in your life

Top, bottom, or middle, a worker in the hive

Are you on the treadmill, running out of control

Trying to please everybody, multiple roles

Do you see your flaws, rather than your strengths

Give to others, go to any lengths

Feel stressed and unhappy

Try to struggle on, be crappy

Maybe time to stop and take a breath

Review your priorities, centre yourself

If you love others you have to love you

It enables a more balanced point of view.


​Follow where you lead 

Or tread my own path

Walk beside you

But stop at the gate

Or to you subjugate
Share the path finding 

Draw a joint map

Space to walk together

To avoid the main trap

Map out routes for solo travel 

With routes back to home
Lead where you follow

Follow where you lead

Jointly share the burden

That way we succeed.