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Live in the Moment

Live in the moment,

Not in the past,

Nor hanker for the future,

It’s a fantasy repast.
This moment, might not be the finest,

But it’s the now,

Make it the best you can,

Make that your vow.
Don’t defer happiness by harking back,

Don’t look to others to mark out the track,

Find inner strength, find joy in repast,

There are morsels of pleasure amongst a lack.
Live in the present,

Learn, laugh and cry,

This is the moment,

For you to fly.

Proverb’s and sayings.

​The grass is always greener on the other side

Does that mean we should run there, or take time to decide

Curiosity killed the cat

Should we make note of that

A rolling stone doesn’t gather moss

Is that about living life, not giving a toss

All that glitters is not gold

Dreams are good but check the road

Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water

Hold onto the good, reflect, reorder

Every cloud has a silver lining

If only we could see past hurt and anger, learn, stop pining

Life is not about making others happy

It’s about sharing your happiness with others

Proverbs and sayings litter our speech

Are there truths there within our reach?


Past present and future

​Past present future

What should it be

Maybe we need to live 

In all three

Learn from the past

Then move along

Treasure the nuggets

Take them, be strong

Plan for the future

But live in the now

Time is too precious

To waste, to eschew

Look for the joys

Find them today

Then build from tomorrow

Which becomes today! 

Life sublime

​You have lived a life unique to you

Experienced some joy and sorrow

Lived to be wiser for tomorrow

Made mistakes quite a few 

Had plenty of sucesses too

A day to count your blessings many

 Maybe to be extraordinary 

To share all the love inside

To challenge yourself not deride

All the new years to fill with lightening

Make them special and exciting 

Rethink your options all the time

Live life to the full make it sublime


Rushing, rushing
Frenetically hustling
Life is busy, full of strife
Where can I find the simple life?
Bustling, hustling
Ever tussling
No time to listen
Watch the world glisten
I need a space
To slow my pace
Savour the joys
Smash the annoys
Centre myself
Count my wealth
Where can I find the simple life?
Inside myself, a place to thrive
Maybe semantics
Look at the mechanics
Life is too short not to enjoy.

Moulding me

I love to escape into my mind,
My sanctuary from life’s issues all kind
I learn to look at a different me
Share or touch and you might see.
Something set words and emotions free
My joy in life maybe the key
Taking the past moulding the future
Each a story line making a booster
New skills to learn new paths to create
Understanding beliefs that formulate
Before me, paths spread to tease,
Which way does my journey lead?
Looking at the world anew,
Counting blessings many not few
I view the options try the paths
Live my life with pizazz.

Jigsaw of life

cherish those pieces of you I shared,
It had to be enough, the times we cared,
Propping me up in times of woe,
Helping to fight the common foe,
My knight in armour,
I think maybe not,  knight in ardour,
That’s a possible plot,
We never had a future just a here, to adopt,
A mutual need,  so no angst or hook,
Sharing our time, like pages in a book,
Learning to grow and fulfill myself,
Came directly from  scraps, found on our shelf,
The jigsaw of life more complex than some,
Fitting together, our demons overcome,
Once more the jigsaw of life is tipped from the box,
Lots of the middle retained its locks,
Fitting the stray pieces together again,
With new insights a clearer refrain,
I cherish those pieces of you I shared,
Learning and growing my jigsaw is prepared.

Life Cycle

I sit in the corner and ponder my fate

Events overtook me

They just would not wait

My life has moved slowly

The seasons have passed

I was never lonely

Midst the flowers and grass

I scattered my seed, in the fullness of time

Then grew infirm, with natures decline

Soon came the winter, that robbed me of life

But destiny gave me a way, to survive

I sit in the corner and ponder my fate

I ask you to come and see my new shape

Although I am changed, please never fear

You can see my full beauty; it’s a view very dear

From a tree tall and stately, please regard

A beautiful chair has been carved.