Life’s messy melee

What I need from you and will try to reciprocate
Trust me without the need to interrogate
Give your love without fright
Meet it together, under the light
Accept me as I am and the me I will become
Don’t try to change me to fit your anyone
Desire me with no inhibitions
Let lust turn to love and keep changing our traditions
Want me as partner, friend and lover
With no restrictions that I will later discover
Communicate your feelings and your needs
So I can consider them as part of my analyses
Understand that sometimes our opinions will differ
That momentary spats can make our bond stiffer
Make me a partner, so we both grow
Don’t make me a shackle that will bring us both low
Walk with me and give me support
That’s the way to happiness, living for me
Would be an assault
Mostly let’s just live, laugh and play
Taking in our strides lifes messy melee

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