Timeless thoughts

​Whimsical wiles, wickedly wishing Tapping timeless thoughts and twisting Languorous lavish loving limbs Wonderful winsome whims Embraced close,  lips just brushed Tingling, tactile, tantalizing, touch Mystical, miraculous, momentum  Sparks of passion, fuel the spectrum Imperative idolatory imposition Need begets reason,defies opposition  Sexuality, sensation saturated  Cojoined until pleasure is dissipated  

Keeping passion alive

Tender moments alone together Making memories that we treasure Everlasting love in our minds Using the irritations, to redraw the lines For the future looks bright Making life work together Life’s storms, help strengthen and weather Remembering the times we’ve shared Wanting each to grow, to be, we’ve cared Negative moments the rarest of allContinue reading “Keeping passion alive”