Timed to expire

Timed to expire Words of love often repressed Kindness taken for granted – unprocessed Presumption of thoughts – norms and dreams We no longer share – future schemes Drifting along – feather light Lack of communication – lack of fight Words of love often suppressed Bonds and feelings – dispossessed Living life in a dullContinue reading “Timed to expire”

Life confounds

What is it with life it has ups and downs pleasure , pain, joy and heartbreak do the rounds Would that our lives could, just be pleasure No pain or woe for us to measure. Why is it, things go so wrong bad things happen regardless just be strong How do I deal with theContinue reading “Life confounds”


Serendipitous soliloquy Does this tirade scan iambically I pace the floor shouting my declaimation Trying to rid myself of my consternation You swore you loved me, chased and wooed me I began to trust became your devotee How could I become sucked in to this morass I feel a sad rejected lass My ego hasContinue reading “Soliloquy”

Padlocked love

Padlocked Love So many padlocks Locked with love Each locked compartment Bursting at the seams Once upon a time the symbol of fidelity Lovers clipped them to a rail Threw away the key Thousands of padlocks Sitting in a row A sign of relationships Waiting time to grow Years pass by and the world beginsContinue reading “Padlocked love”


What are the dangers of dreams Infernal fantastic tortuous schemes The paths that lead to danger Leading us to falling in love with a stranger Life set, priorities to be met Plans in place, moving apace, direction set Train moving, tracks straight, becoming truly stulifying All mapped, feeling trapped, not so surprising Happiness comes andContinue reading “Dreams”

Noble Trouble

Noble trouble An Awdl Gywydd – Welsh Poetry form Life is packed with trouble Are we noble in it’s face Stand up clad in gossamer as a dreamer in the race Or will we stand clad in steel Show we feel joy and sorrow Have the depth to fight our foes Strengthen goals for tomorrow

Where do you stand?

Where do you stand, in  the summary of your life Top, bottom, or middle, or just a worker in the hive Are you on the treadmill, running out of control Trying to please everybody, multiple roles Do you see your flaws, rather than your strengths Give to others, go to any lengths Feel stressed andContinue reading “Where do you stand?”

A morsel of you

I reflect on what we might have  been had things been different life’s unforseen,twists and turns following fates convuluted hand I had a glimpse or  a dream of a different future – built on sand Would we have been greater in pairing  or a disaster that fate has been kind in sparing our paths met,Continue reading “A morsel of you”