Why rhyme

Words crawl across the page Full of ideas, need to engage Stories, prose or rhyme Has to be rhyme, when , little time Rhythms and rhymes feels so easy Feel so right, work so cleanly Poetry purists will say how cheesy Expell their breath, very wheezy An idea to express,  reaction to provoke  A hopeContinue reading “Why rhyme”

Alternative way

If you are feeling at a low ebb Despondent unable to cope, with lifes web Heartbroken, unappreciated Clothed but feeling stark naked When you want to give up,stop, look for hope Regroup, retrench and for a moment,be a castle in a moat Find your essence, the centre of your being Retreat into your inner eye,Continue reading “Alternative way”

New passion

Newly met Learning yet Thunder rumbles Lightening strikes Nerve endings raw Pouring down wild and wet Getting  ready getting set Unexpected newly directed Thoroughly affected Passion takes hold unrestrained Nothing about this can be tamed Mind pictures set the flames Until the lust peaks and wanes

A megabyte of madnessĀ 

A megabyte of madness – A Villanelle You became a megabyte of madness Since we met life’s never been the same We frankly share happiness and sadness No false catechism staunches blackness We listen truly and do not shame You became a megabyte of madness We share our secrets with a cheerfulness Plus a tutContinue reading “A megabyte of madnessĀ “


Rushing rushing Frenetically hustling Life is busy  full of strife Where can I find the simple life Bustling  hustling Ever tussling No time to listen To watch the world glisten Rushing rushing Frenetically hustling Life is busy full of strife Where can I find the simple life I need a space To slow my paceContinue reading “Hustling”


The journey goes on         The wheel of life turns A new awakening burns                                Thankful to see New ideas to set me free Moving through life Things I can influence              Continue reading “Journey”


Can you match me measure for measure will you be sensitive to my pleasure can you pull me, out of a web of distrust you planted  seeds and nurtured their growth cared so much, brought loving  close new love new  set of feelings exciting romance, to expunge past dealings trying to trust and believe anewContinue reading “New”


I lay underneath star and moonlight shine  Gazing  at the universes majesty A shower of sparks across  heaven’s line Underlines lifes fragile mortality Mother moon bathes all, universal glow Though shadows fall creating pools of darkness  World sparkling bright as day its scars still show From evil this bright light gives no catharsis Can beautyContinue reading “Philosophical”


The relentless beat of insect wings The incessant  drone of the bee Sounds so loud to my sensitive nerves So many sounds for free The hunting cry of the owl at night The barking of the fox All these sounds are so intense  A quintessential paradox