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Watching each other

He sends her a video showing
His angles of arousal growing
He is stroking his treasure
In front of a video, of her, having pleasure
The sight of the two bodies writhing
Sends her pulses of desire, flying
Peering at his need, she longs to touch him
Feeling the beginnings of that tug within
This superimposed ballet she finds arousing
She finds her inner being shouting
Every move calculated and measured
Her need to explore, to be pleasured
The sight of him, watching her, tips her off balance
Seeing his hot, erect, pulsating phallus
They begin to move in unison, rhythmically as one
The avalanche of tingles is about to come undone
They know they have reached their passionate peak
Together, apart unable to speak
With waves of wonder wielding its power

Relationships. Replacing limiting behaviours.

We enter into a relationship as an independent individual who chooses to spend time with another independent individual. Then suddenly the couple identity takes over, it’s not cool to do things separately we become  bound together, to such a degree that sometimes, one member of the partnership, will not make decisions without referring to the other. Whilst it’s true that some decisions need to be consensual, partners should also be free to make their own choices.
Our lives should not revolve round our partners, to the degree that we obsess about what they are doing, when they are not with us. We should not worry about who they are talking to, what is motivating them. We should not imprison them in a relationship but rather set them free to continue to grow and develop. A true partnership in a relationship gives each individual freedom. 
Where there is a loving, nurturing, relationship allowing each partner, to freely grow and develop as life evolves. Then that relationship will be happy and healthy and continually evolving too.

Instead of bringing limiting behaviours into our relationships we need to bring expansive behaviours

Each individual needs to recognise that no other person can be responsible for another’s happiness, this has to come from within. People can journey alongside and enhance the feelings of happiness, but cannot take responsibility for another’s happiness.

Individuals understand that their partners enhance them, they do not complete them,  they are already complete. If they feel incomplete they need to work on that and not use a partner as a crutch.

Each individual is responsible for their own decisions,choices, beliefs and judgements.

Partners understand  that being in a relationship is a choice  both make.

Partners celebrate, having their unique partner, in their lives.

Each individual supports the development needs, of the other. Even if this feels like a stressful thing to do.

Partners stay grounded and find time together even at the busiest times.

Each individual tries to be objective in their vision of themselves and their partner accepting the other as they are.

Partners talk to each other and share, values, news and issues non judgementally.

The relationship is a safe loving space for self discovery.

There is a space for independence as well as togetherness.

Adopting such strategies and ditching limiting strategies can give you the relationship you always craved for.  Fulfilling,  happy, harmonious both partners feeling that life is getting better rather than stale and boring.
If that is your relationship congratulations, keep working at it.
If your relationship is static or deteriorating then you need to start to make some changes in how you think and interact.

Living Life

I love to escape, into my mind

My sanctuary, to visions of all kind

So surreal these can be

Come share  and you might see.

Something has set me free

My joy in life maybe the key

Using the past, learning for the future

Each a story line making a booster

New skills  to learn  new paths to create

Understanding beliefs that formulate

Before me paths spread to tease

Which way does my journey lead?

Looking at the world anew

Counting blessings many not few

I view the options try the paths

Grab hold of life with pizazz.

what is a girl to do?

Be it theatre ,concert or in a tent
When you need the loo
There is always a queue
You stand in line
Contemplate crime
Why does it take so long
When there is a throng
For women to pee
Its way beyond me
What else to do
When you want the loo
Behind a tree
People will see
Need to squat
Better not
Its so unfair
There is a gents over there
no queue
Whats a girl to do??

A view of Cyberspace Relationships


We met on a word game in cyberspace
We got on well we bonded and chased
We talked and shared our lives our schemes
Hard to remember it is a fantasy, a dream
For we only know the other, from the information they have shared
They will have kept secrets though their soul seems to be bared
We see their lives from their point of view
Not a rounded version from others too
We found an oasis from lifes woes and cares
We are indulging in a cyber affair
We share great intimacy its exotic erotic
But its words and pictures its only symbolic
It revs up our hormones and gives us a thrill
Feels so real ,our needs to fulfill
It floats us away on an idealistic dream
When we mutually cum its so good we scream
We find so much in common it gives us a high
We see the nice bits not the grumps or the cry
We have to balance this wonderful time
To avoid these friendships would be a crime
But the real world comes first has to be the case
Fantasy is just that, it has a place
Enjoy the moments the tingle and the fun
If your emotions are entangled,it’s time to run
Understand the rules keep them in mind
Otherwise heart break will find you in time

Introducing Eve and her poetry

Hi, my name is Eve I will skim over my age sufficient to say I am well past my twenties!!! I am a physiotherapist working in Occupational Medicine. My life is a little off balance at the moment and writing is a way for me to let off steam and to relax.

This is my self portrait

I have a very serious side

I wear my dignity with pride

The trouble is its hard to hide

the frivolous  me that lurks inside

Outside a lady calm and  serene

Inside a girl who would like to dream

The trouble is its hard to hide

The sexy me that lurks inside

I like to play lots of games

Some that may take using brains

The trouble is its hard to hide

The scatty me that hides inside

I like to analyse my life

It helps to keep me out of strife

The trouble is its hard to hide

The impetuous me that hides inside

Who knows what the whole maybe

Tis certain it isnt me.