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Swiping the new typing

​Wow Swiping

The new typing

Well not very new

But to me a new view
I like the theory

How to, a query

Slide the finger

Don’t let it linger
IMG it’s not h that VB easy

ß my mind VB and it’s very queasy

My BM will seems thwarted

The sense distorted
Hmm way to go

As that verse shows

I suppose when stuck for inspiration

Swiping can give a new poetry variation
Where the fashion is for the obtuse

Swiping will have lots if use

A whole new verse form

Could become the norm
F you can decipher 

It BM might make VB it less kosher

For niw will tap away

Swioing toooo frustrating to play. 
Swiping verses unedited ! 

Apologies to all of you who are expert swipers!

Are you better or are you worse?

​Are you better or are you worse

Can you make better verse

Seems you may drive me round the bend

Started getting numbers at the ends

 You may be something of an enigma

Will I fall for you, or will I bin ya

So far it feels like no true love

You are not my turtle dove

Now I am getting 3 instead of e

All this is really freaking me

I think Google jeyboard you may be doomed

Underlinings and spellings my patience consumed

Arrrrrgh tooo much!

Writing urges

​Feeling the surges of urges untamed

Thinking the thoughts a little deranged

Warm waves of pleasure wash over my soul

Wanting to surrender and lose control

Allowing the feelings to take over me

Ideas to flow, concepts to be free

Bottling the surges of urges untamed

Shaking them up, till they pop unrestrained

Unleashing ideas onto the page

Polishing and honing becomes a rampage

Allowing the feelings to take over me

New writing born for this moment free

Why Rhyme?

Words crawl across the page
Full of ideas, need to engage
Stories, prose or rhyme
Has to be rhyme, when , little time
Rhythms and rhymes feels so easy
Feel so right, work so cleanly
Poetry purists will say how cheesy
Expell their breath, very wheezy
An idea to express, a reaction to provoke
A hope for debate, revolt, or quote
Human relationships float my boat
Love, lust and human trust, my promote
Sadness sometimes lurks in a corner
But as an optimist,I try to be an informer
Why rhyme
Nice line
Tends to keep things
On springs
I can do more rounded prose
Use large words,maybe pose
Metrical composition
Personification recognition
As long as it rhymes
Suits my paradigms
Why rhyme
Because I so love it!
What no rhyme ….never does it!

Other passions..


Other Passions
Possess the soul
Other creations, to fashion
The need to strive, to be a whole
Life is not about rations
To be self fullfilled one needs the control
To express personality without dispassion
Maybe it means, dancing round the maypole
Or anything else that causes satisfaction
Get creative, let your imagination stroll
Fill your soul with creative light, make the most of your passions.

Silk painting is one of my other passions.

Ode to writing and promoting ones novel

Putting the words on the paper
That was an easy caper
The flow of ideas
The protagoniststs fears
The plot that was not
The plan that was shot
The breaking of rules
Maybe created by fools
That was an easy caper

The novel soon grew
In chapters woo hoo
I wrote as I spoke
Great bursts sent to choke
Punctuation and grammar
Went under the hammer
My characters changed
Took liberties unarranged
That was an easy caper

A book near complete
Wow what a feat
Joy unabated
Editing complicated
Frowns replaced smiles
Changes by the miles
I changed that last week
How come, oh bleep
That was a harder caper

Cutting and editing twenty times
Face now covered in big frown lines
Cover designed
Smiles realigned
Put it together
Loosen the tether
Off to be printed
Proof newly minted
That was a joyous caper

I had put the words on paper
In all a difficult caper
Now to relax
Till fates circumstance
Showed me the promotional forargo
If I wanted to shift the cargo
I needed to add some glitter
Use resources like Facebook and Twitter
This was a learning caper

Now my days spent tweeting
In between comfort eating
I write religiously on my blog
It’s become a full time job
My sales are hardly booming
It’s really quite confusing
Where do I find the time to write
I have to sleep some time at night
This is a time consuming caper

I am learning much
Wish I had a big crutch
More hours in the day
To write and make hay
Putting the words on paper
That was the easy caper
As for the rest
It’s like swotting for a test
Masses of work
That you can’t shirk
A sale makes a smirk
Could send one berserk
Not such an easy caper.

Room with a view

The room with the view
Has a problem or two
Its up five flights of stairs
There aren’t any chairs
When you get to the top
You feel that you’ll drop
You are so red in the face
Breathless with the pace
You have to lie down
Now comes a frown
Cause the room with the view
Its only a loo!

Text Snippets from Crozzle. A new flirtation.

Steve : Hello are you playing?
Christine : Yes I am Just had answer the telephone
Christine : Do you like to play your games quickly?
Steve : I try to yes, but I understand if your busy no worries.
Christine : its ok I have so many many games am playing in between ….rather doing lots of other things
Steve : Your very good.
Christine : Thank you..there is a degree of luck to the random especially…the tile placing and the letters…and its never over till its over. In some games I am lagging behind…but love words and games of many sorts so always a pleasure to play. win or lose.
Steve : Yes I agree it’s fun to play and you can meet some very interesting people.
Christine : I have a love of words am aspiring to write….and  want to write poetry about love. …
Steve : That is way cool.
Christine: My name is Christine and I live in Scotland.
Steve : Steve I live in Arizona.
Christine : From the States but playing the English Board.
Steve: I prefer not to play Americans they might be looking for a permanent relationship.
Christine: That’s good you are clear about what you want and you are taking steps to avoid conflict. 
Steve: I am a single father of two, divorced and I intend to stay single. I have a girlfriend but I dont live with her and its really only a sexual  friendship.
Christine: Gosh is she happy with that or does she want more? Sorry talking not playing!
Steve : It’s fine I usually won’t talk but your, interesting, and sexual, I like that. And yes I do have to remind her I don’t want a relationship at all Just sex.
Christine : She needs to want that too or sooner or later she will demand more…or get hurt..but as long as you are honest and you obviously have been…if she comes to you on that basis she takes responsibility for that..and any damage she does to her own relationship…its hard though.
Christine: I have done cybersex with a few people on here, and am a little in love with one of the guys.
Steve: I am getting a little aroused at the thought. Please don’t take the question wrong but does doing cybersex arouse you?