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What is a lover……soul mate?
Somebody that makes ones heart sing
Who cares about the true spirit
Who strives to see your innermost wants and understands your rights to live by your beliefs
Who listens to what you are saying and acts accordingly
In their arms you feel safe and happy
When you are with them, they are the centre of your universe
They know when to act and when to comfort
When you are with them you feel you are the centre of their universe

Making sense of the world

​We make sense of the world using learnt behaviour

Filling in the gaps with the familiar when in uncharted territory

This can skew our understanding, make us misread situations, or sometimes be our saviour

Perceptions based on experience

Help form our resiliance 

We make sense of the world using learnt beliefs

Adding a layer of our emotions, that affect what we see

Our unconsious awareness adding pleasure or grief

Two people seeing the same event will have a different perspective

In relationships we need to be bias detectives

Open book?

​I wish you could read  the book, that is me,

Although the chapters are muddled, looseleaf, free,

I feel self fulfilled most of the time,

Or brimming with emotion, often undefined,

Passionate, energetic, a lover of learning,

Apathetic and lazy, my negatives churning,

I want to put everything right,with the world, 

To make a difference not remain unheard,
My heads full of secrets I would rather keep,

 Guarding them hidden even when I sleep,

I wish you could interprete the book that is me,

Tease out the contradictions, help me set them free
Confident, articulate, a natural leader

Shy, unsure, more of a reciever

Am Trying to fit into the crazy world

Am I out in the world or hidden under the bed,

Maybe you can tell, I would rather not dwell, 

Am I trying to fit into this crazy world,

Or being myself unreserved, 
I think you will have to read my book, 

Find out for yourself, check the whole, don’t overlook,

I hope you will see someone open and caring,

With a sense of humour meant for sharing,

I am not a totally open book.


Words those unsubstantial marks on the page
Describing concepts from the mind, retrieved from life’s  stage
Words those insignificant sounds reaching our ears
Communicating needs, joys and fears
What makes those words a potent force
When each receiver tunes in, differently of course
The pictures produced in the receivers  mind 
Influenced by their experiences, perceptions, beliefs inside
Words that paint pictures of concepts, we feel a need to express
If words evoke reaction maybe that’s a writer’s success

Read your mind

Wouldn’t it be good, to be able to read your mind
Or perhaps it wouldn’t really help, us to be realigned
Just really need to understand, the way you think
Instead of making assumptions, that are based on our relationship
I mostly understand the you, that you share
But we are complex creatures, of that I am aware
It’s your secret dreams, unacknowledged longings
Your specific fetishishes, your very heartlongings
I know that male and female sexuality are not totally aligned
Men need more action, and  they keep the extra uninclined
I want to share so much more
Whilst giving you the space to be you, to the core
So many secrets, some untruths, mixed in our personalities
Lead to many fallacies
Would it be good to read your mind
Maybe to both it would be too unkind!