Fantasy management

​Are we in charge of our fantasies Those ideas that steer us away from reality Do we need these ideas we create in our minds To balance our lives,to enable us to strive Fantasies come in  all shades and hues Travel, a new job, a lover in the news Is there a dilemma in keepingContinue reading “Fantasy management”

Living Life

​I cope with my  life in my tried and tested ways Spreading out my love and keeping fears at bay I know that I have a boundless, store of love, to give So no need to horde it, I can let it live I am less certain about receiving love Or sharing other parts ofContinue reading “Living Life”

Lots of time

​ It took lots of my life To find my way To understand the me inside To do a complete survey Why wasn’t I taught to respect myself To set a ticket price, off the bargin shelf …….. It took lots of time To move from shyness To understand that I could shine That asContinue reading “Lots of time”

Reaction choices

We have two choices in how we react to situations from a place of resistance or a place of acceptance.From resistance we get anger, irritation and frustration. We think I can’t concentrate will increase your well being and happiness.with this noise, this is such a waste of time, you should have done….. And this affectsContinue reading “Reaction choices”

Alternative way

If you are feeling at a low ebb Despondent unable to cope with lifes web Heartbroken, unappreciated Clothed but feeling stark naked When you want to give up,stop, look for hope Regroup, retrench and for a moment,be a castle in a moat Find your essence, the centre of your being Retreat into your inner eyeContinue reading “Alternative way”