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Past present and future

​Past present future

What should it be

Maybe we need to live 

In all three

Learn from the past

Then move along

Treasure the nuggets

Take them, be strong

Plan for the future

But live in the now

Time is too precious

To waste, to eschew

Look for the joys

Find them today

Then build from tomorrow

Which becomes today! 


Softly blown

Kisses and wishes

Carried to you
Over boundless ellipses

Of trust and lust

Fluttering and floating

Quietly hushed
Valiantly hoping

Our feelings attuned

For you to seize

To set you on fire
Caught on a whim, heavenly buzz

As the  words and pictures

Swirl and brim

Totally bewitched
Sustain love caught on a whim

Plan for the future

​Plan for the future
Hold onto your dreams
Don’t wait for tomorrow
And just fantasise schemes
Build your foundations on today
The ground in the future is unstable
Foundations need solid  ground
Or, they have the habit of falling down
Plan for the future
But start right away
Tomorrow becomes
 Just another wasted day.

Trembling on the cusp

​Trembling on the cusp

Of new ideas

It’s ever thus
Creativity falls like rain


More the strain
Seduced by promises

Of more and better

Application spatter
Soliloquy or monologue 

Or floating

Thoughts like thistle down 
Trembling on the cusp

Need to ride the wave

Harness the power

Be brave.