A place of wonder

​Like unfurling petals in the first rays of the sun Like the dewdrop dangling iridescent from the leaf Like the warm glow from the full moon You came into my life The world  became a place of wonder


​Softly blown Kisses and wishes Carried to you Over boundless ellipses Of trust and lust Fluttering and floating Quietly hushed Valiantly hoping Our feelings attuned For you to seize To set you on fire Caught on a whim, heavenly buzz As the  words and pictures Swirl and brim Totally bewitched Sustain love caught on aContinue reading “Wishes”

Plan for the future

​Plan for the future Hold onto your dreams Don’t wait for tomorrow And just fantasise schemes Build your foundations on today The ground in the future is unstable Foundations need solid  ground Or, they have the habit of falling down Plan for the future But start right away Otherwise Tomorrow becomes  Just another wasted day.


​Friends across the miles Getting together to harmonise  We are here with ear and heart Sharing good and bad, though far apart Our thoughts and concerns dont need to stew Sometimes its good to have anothers view A different take a voice of reason Helps us regain the silly season Sharing means perspective  regained OrContinue reading “Friends “

Trembling on the cusp

​Trembling on the cusp Of new ideas It’s ever thus Creativity falls like rain Harnessing More the strain Seduced by promises Of more and better Application spatter Soliloquy or monologue  Or floating Thoughts like thistle down  Trembling on the cusp Need to ride the wave Harness the power Be brave.


​Owl hunting, calling Desolate sound in the night Sending my dreams to flight